Dead Island Xbox 360 Review


So Dead Island on the Xbox 360, if you’ve been reading up on this then i’m sure you’ll hear mixed reviews about how the main characters have no personality, or how the weapons break easy or even how hard it can be to control your player. But have you ever had 4 player co-op and in a car just running over zombies?!

This game plays like Borderlands, and i don’t mean just cuz it’s a FPSRPG, but more how the leveling system works. Each “class” has there own strength like weapons expert, or blunt expert etc. When you level (every 2 it seems) you’ll get a point to place into your Skills list. Like Borderlands you have to fill up each skill before you can advance to the next stage.  The combat system is kinda funky, like Left 4 Dead you have a “Stamina” gauge and if you swing you weapon to much you will get slower, but you have a Kick button kinda like the Shove in L4D but that’s where these 2 are very different. L4D you get tired pushing zombies, but don’t when swing a melee weapon around. DI you can just use your Kick as much as you want but get tired swing a weapon. And theres the zombies, they remind of the 28 days later zombies, i mean unlike all the other zombies from past games most will charge and hit you. These charge you and beat the living hell out of you!

Anywho, i’ve had 2 days playing this and i figure it’s time to let everyone know what i like and dislike about this.


It’s challenging. I could be just trying to get to one place and pass by a few dead bodies, but next thing i know i’m in a swarm of zombies. Never think all bodies are really dead.

It’s a true First Person game. Everything you do is in your point of view. When driving the cars in the game your behind the steering wheel. So if you ever high center yourself and find there’s zombies around you, you might not know where they all are before getting out.

Roaming. You can basically go anywhere in the game that it’ll let you. I’ve only explored 15% of the game so far so i don’t know how far you can go but from where i’ve been, as long as the zombies aren’t to much higher level than you. You can go just about anywhere on the island.

Co-op. Being able to have up to 4 other players or friends is very nice. There are some missions or places in the game that is just hard to do on your own, but when you get 2-4 more players the game gets even better.

It’s kinda scary. Okay i’m sure most of you will laugh at this but oh just you wait. When you have just killed a lot of zombies in an area and see your clear and start to look for what you need, then out of no where your grabbed by a zombie tell me you wouldn’t jump. Not to mention they did a good job with the lighting so in dark places you my never know what there. Flash light is your friend… I’ll leave it at that.



The characters. It seems that rock star would have played a part in making of them. All but one seems to be some pissed off person with a sad past and needs a hug. The only one who i could even stand enough to play was the Asian women, mainly because she didn’t have to swear or cuss at something every 5 seconds. Beside the shooty voicing and over done one liners, the rest can be tolerated.

Controls. It’s not how the controls are, but how you can’t really customize them outside what’s givin to you. Here’s what i mean, i’m playing mainly a melee character and i would love to have my kick as my Left Trigger. But i can’t set it there and that’s my “Aim/Throw”. So i end up throwing my weapon at the zombie.

Everyone who you help. Like most zombie movies everyone who isn’t part of the main cast or what not are… Well lack of a better word, morons. When you take a mission from them, it seems like they are just not able to even wipe there own butts let alone give you a list of what you need.


So far this game over all is fun. The dislikes are more on the if i don’t pay attention to them, they don’t bother me. So if you are on the fence about getting this game, i would say rent it first if you can to see if it’s your cup of tea. I can see how some might not like it since it can get tough to play or how most of the characters might wanna make you /facepalm. But this is worth to try by either renting or getting a friend to lend you there’s. I say give it 2-3 hours to see if you really like it or not.