This is the cat’s Meow!


About two years ago an Indiegogo project came up that Anime fans could get behind. That combine Cat Ears (Nekomimi) with working speakers in them, headphones with LED lights to create the Cat Ear Headphones. The crowdfunding project was asking for around $250.000 but far exceeded their goal, ending with just over $7 million and even more pre-orders. The small company known as Axent Wear had a huge hurdle to cross 20,000+ of people backed their Cat Ear Headphones, finding a place to manufacture them all. Over the course of two years most of the backers were thinking that the company wasn’t following through with their promises till an announcement in late 2014: they had partnered with Brookstone to manufacture their headphones and will be shipping in the 3rd or 4th quarter of 2015. The Axent Cat Ear Headphones were released to the backers on Nov 30th and now can be found at all Brookstone locations for $149.99. It comes in 4 colors, Red, Green, Blue and Purple.


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Anime Expo 2012 – Day 1

The moment many of you have been waiting for… footage from our Anime Expo 2012 trip! Deedo and I were there for 3 days and we have some amazing interviews and pictures for you all. So sit back and enjoy our videos and pictures from day 1.

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fripSide Music.

Music has been one of my favorite things and i am almost listing to it. Some of the music that’s always playing from my speakers is Japanese music. Yes i know what you might think when you hear Japanese music is strange words that you can’t understand (for most people that is).

But there is a group/band that i just came to like just about everything they have put out, and that’s fripSide. There jpop style is just good and easy to listen for anyone who wishes to hear it. Then they do there own remixes of some of the more popular songs.

This group started back in 2002 and did alot of doujin and indie music for small game producers and such. In 2006 they became a part of Visual Art’s and there music then was used in Visual Art’s games and other erotic game companies. Around 2009 Mao the lead singer graduated from the group and left. Shorty after fripSide found a new singer named Yoshino Nanjo. Now they are under the label, Geneon Universal Entertainment where there 1st single was to the opening to Toaru Kagaku no Railgun anime series. From there they have now released 4 singles.

Here are just some of what they have done and are some of my favorite songs. Also check them out on there own website.