Opening SongNo Scared by One Ok Rock

My Thoughts


I’ve been a Black Rock Shooter fan for a while. When I first heard about this game I went all nerd gamer syndrome and pre-ordered the Japanese release instantly.  I’d like to give a shout out to NIS America, the publisher for North America and Europe, for letting me review this game. Here we have Black Rock Shooter the Game but unlike it’s original release you can find this version on the PSN for $19.99. I did a review on the Japanese version of this game about a year ago with the White Rock Shooter Figma. So far the only real difference I see between the two versions is the English translation, other than that it’s a complete port from the Japanese version with the opening theme song by One Ok Rock.



In 2032 AD Earth is the victim of an alien invasion and the human race is almost wiped out, but humanity will not go down without a fight. Nineteen years later the last hope lies in a girl that goes by BRS. She was created to battle these aliens and free what survivors that are left on Earth, but did she awaken too late? Discover the mysteries behind BRS and unlock the story of what becomes of the human race in Black Rock Shooter the Game. (Read more…)