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Gundams just got sexy-er.

Armor Girls Project (AGP) a new figure from Bandai that features well Armored Girls. In the past there has been a lot of concept drawings of Gundam Girls but now Bandai with the AGP line has made one into a figure, MS Girl Wing Gundam from the anime Gundam Wing. (Read more…)

Invading from Japan!

In the last 5-6 months i was introduced to an anime called “Shinryaku! Ika Musume” or “Invade Squid Girl”. In a nut shell it’s basically about a sea side restaurant were a girl (from the sea) comes in and tries to take it over and enslave humans . But as the story goes that doesn’t happen and a series of events makes so she is working there and learning about the human world. (Read more…)

Say Hello to my Little Friend!

Fate/Zero has become very popular as of late and “Zero Saber” figma was just released. For all those who don’t know I’m a pretty big Saber fan so i tend to collect all the figma versions but i am missing Fate/Extra Saber. (Read more…)

How deep is your friendship?

Finally the next chapter to the Tales series has come! But unlike the other games much has changed where it’s still the same great game play and story line but gives you a lot more than you know what to do with. (Read more…)

Anime Salt Lake 2012: Day 1


Remember the first time you went to a convention? Seeing everyone dressed up in some of your favorite characters, acting out scenes from your favorite shows and getting some of your favorite swag out of the dealers room. We got to experience that again at Anime Salt Lake 2012 and now on with the show! (Read more…)

Little Sisters Comes to the Rescue.

Peril in Gamindustri! CPU Candidates, Assemble!! Gamindustri has been taken over by an evil force and even the CPUs of all the lands are not enough to stop it, who can fight this evil? Enter in NepGear, little sister of Neptune who is a CPU candidate and is the only one who can help gather the other little sisters of the captured CPUs. Now watch as NepGear fights monsters, explore dungeons and beat them with a… random guy?! Yes that’s right prepare for a adventure like you’ve never experienced before.

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Shirai Kuroko – Figma Review

Adding one more to my Railgun/Index Figma line comes Shirai Kuroko. This figure is bundled with the PSP visual novel To Aru Kagaku no Railgun PSP game and sadly i don’t read enough Japanese to play these games but would love to if i was able to, but due to my illiteracy to the Japanese writing i’ll stick with the figure for now. (Read more…)

BLK – Huke Selected Works and BRSB Figma!

A few months ago i posted a re-review for a Art Book called BLK. I just received this and it’s just beautiful!! 240 pages of art work by Huke who designed the characters for Steins; Gate and Black Rock Shooter. The book it self is hard bound with a cover sleeve of some featured art work from the book and a small insert of BRSB for what i think is a freebie of some sort. Flipping through some of the pages i was very impressed on the deal of work that went into these pages of art, so much that i had to share this with everyone. There are some i think original art by Huke of some Mechas, Armored Troops and some characters i don’t think i recognize from any one anime or manga so if anyone has picked up this art book let me know if you happen to figure it out.

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Here’s the 5th chapter of the Soul Calibur game and of them, Soul Calibur 5 feels like a reboot for the series, so with this in mind i was expecting some changes to how the game plays and the battle system but what i got was less than i was hoping. I’ve been playing this franchise since the arcade days of Soul Edge and it has come quite the ways, with there high marker arguably Soul Calibur 2, the 5th installment just fell slightly short.  Here’s what i mean. (Read more…)

Shadonia Magazine Vol.2

Awhile back on i saw a post talking about anyone who knew or had Itasha cars and for those who know me i have a very mild one. And those of you who are wondering about what “Itasha” is, it literally means “Paintmobile”

There’s a very large community behind this in Japan and does conventions every year to show off there cars like this

I had a chance to talk to Charline from a French Anime Magazine called Shadona. Shadona brings you the latest news and reviews about Anime and Anime Figures plus the industry behind it all, so if your wondering what this is all about check it out. Just yesterday there new issue of Shadona Magazine Vol. 2 came out and an article was done about the Itahsa cars with some of the pictures i submitted of my car with a quick interview.  Now when i was asked about this i thought it was just going to be something with a few people and get to see others Itasha cars, but no it was just of mine. This was a very cool thing and threw me way off guard. So i like to thank Shadonia Magazine, Charline, and everyone on staff at Shadonia Magazine. Also if you like to see this as well follow this link to the website and check out there work. Oh yea i should also mention, it will be in French so use a internet translator if you can.