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Dice Masters Civil War Top 10


We all love when new sets arrive and we spend the time trying to find our favorite cards and combinations. Finding what fits our current competitive teams and we improve them. What is in this set that will make an effect on the game? Is there something that stops that pesky Bard?

Zack and I had a chance to put together our top ten cards. We all have our different playing styles. Not every card on this list will fit your playing style and you may not agree with where we rank them, heck we may have even missed your favorite card out of the set. We encourage you to have a read and find out why we like these cards as each of our top 10.

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Zombies, zombies, and more zombies. Our Indie Game of the Week is the remaining episodes of Telltale game’s, The Walking Dead episode 2-5. Jeff and Rachel discuss some pretty virtually life-defining moments, while Drew well… Let’s just say he dropped the salt lick without hesitation. A couple of Comicon FanX adventures were shared, claps for Jeff because he gets to wait months for his college diploma in the mail, Drew opens his heart and admits to how he wants his students to succeed, and Rachel learns all she has to do to get a Playstation 4 is to donate a few smoke alarms to people in need of them. Dog barks and more, on the 9th episode, of the LittleBigKast.

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It’s here! This episode, Drew hates on Zombies while Rachel and Jeff gush over our Indie Game of the Week: Telltale Games’ – The Walking Dead: Episode 1. We’re all racing to finish the semester strong…or at least just finish it.  We kick off the show catching each other up on our gaming adventures from the past week.  Drew finds his favorite game from his PS1 days on iOS, Jeff plays Wolf Among Us for his “date-night” and Rachel laments the moving of her favorite parrot in Animal Crossing. The theme for the News is “Coming Soon” as we confirm rumors and talk about the PS4 firmware update and the Playstation Now Beta update. Our Indie Game of the Week Segment gets tense as Rachel and Jeff tag-team Drew trying to convince him to ignore the zombies and love the story behind it…like two zombies scratching and clawing at him through the bars of a closed down pharmacy… Drew stands strong. He hates Zombies.

Swords & Soldiers Heads to the 3DS!


Are you ready to take control of troops and guide them to victory? Swords and Soldiers 3D is a side scrolling real time strategy eShop game for the Nintendo 3DS. This game has been widely popular on other systems such the Wii, iOS, PS3 and PC. Now it is time for Swords and Soldiers to make it’s way to the 3DS. What did I think about the game? Read more to find out!

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8bit goodness!


Are you an old school 8 bit fan? Did you like River City Ransom or 2D side scrolling games? Well here’s a game up your ally and ready for combat. Phantom Breaker Battlegrounds is a spin off of the arcade fighting game Phantom Breaker but the real difference is that Battlegrounds is a hack and slash semi RPG 2D side scroll game. Just for 800 Microsoft Points (just around $10 USD) and about 1.56 GBs later you can hop online and battle other players, Co/op with other players or friends or local play with 4 of your friends. With a leader board menu you can see where you rank among other players and friends. And if you need more info you can check out 5bp’s website at (Read more…)

Here Comes the Boom Enters the Cage

When I first heard about Here Comes The Boom I didn’t think twice about it. I thought it was just another Kevin James movie where is just goofs off. I was definitely wrong thinking that the movie would be like that.

Here Comes The Boom is the story about Scott Voss, a biology high school teacher that has lost his passion for teaching and is just going through the motions. The story starts to get interesting when (Read more…)

Trouble with the Curve hits it out of the ballpark

Another summer baseball movie?! That’s what I thought when I first heard about Trouble with the Curve. I was a bit skeptical about this movie until I found out who was the lead in this movie, Clint Eastwood. Playing his daughter and co-star of the movie is the beautiful Amy Adams. (Just to put a little disclaimer in here. I have a crush on Amy Adams.)

What does someone do when they loose something that is a vital part of their job? Trouble with the Curve follows Gus (Eastwood) who is traveling to North Carolina to find the next draft pick for the Atlanta Braves. The only problem Gus has is that his vision is failing and he can’t see across home plate. Concerned about Gus, the head of scouting sends Gus’ daughter Mickey to help.

Eastwood plays the role of Gus spot on. He is this grumpy, stubborn old guy who knows how to do one thing only one way but he does it very well. In a world of baseball scouting where every player is calculated and quantified Gus is the only scout who doesn’t even own a computer. He relies on his eyes and ears to find out if a player is good enough to make in the MLB. Even though he is starting to have vision problems Gus is still trying to scout a potential draft picks for the Braves.

Amy Adams plays Mickey, Gus’ daughter who is a successful Attorney that is about to become a partner at the firm she works at. A concerned head of scouting asks Mickey to go and help out Gus. Turns out that Mickey is a huge baseball fan just like her dad and knows a thing or two about scouting. As a kid Gus was a pretty distant father, he sent Mickey to live with an uncle for a year and then off to boarding school. She is trying to figure out why Gus is so withdrawn to her.

You don’t need to be a baseball fan to watch this movie. Baseball only serves as the backdrop for the story between father and daughter. The most memorable thing about this movie is that interaction between Adams and Eastwood. During the movie I almost forgot that these two weren’t actually father and daughter.

Overall I would recommend that people watch this movie. Some people might say that it’s an anti-Moneyball movie; I would say that these two movies are totally different. Both movies might have baseball in it but one is actually about the game and the other is about a father and daughter who love the game. The only similarities between both movies I can see is that both set the tone perfectly for the respective stories they were trying to tell. If you are looking for a great movie to watch Trouble with the Curve is one to watch.

Oh yes and before I get e-mails about this, Justin Timberlake is in the movie. He does good job with his character but the relationship between Eastwood and Adams totally overshadows his performance.

Rinon Loves Ramen

You might be double taking right now after you read the byline, yes it’s true I’m writing up a figure review! This is for Mediacom Toy’s Vinyl Collective Doll collection. If you have seen the Kita! Anime Podcast you probably know by now that I’m a huge fan of Ano Natsu De Matteru. One of the most well known characters in the show is Ichika’s ship avatar Rinon.

I couldn’t miss the chance at getting this figure and pre-ordered it the instance I saw it. Coming in at almost 8 inches tall she’s a pretty big figure. The figure only has two moving parts, Rinon’s hands. All you can do with her hands is rotate them up or down. While not as posable as some of the figures you see Deedo doing you just can say no tho this adorable figure. There are no accessories that come with Rinon, in the box is just the figure and it’s big enough not to require a stand. (Read more…)

Noble Phantasm!

In anime there is a genre that everyone has come across or at least has been introduced to at some point, and that’s called “Magical Girls” But sometimes there comes some shows that takes this genre and runs with it, Carnival Phantasm does this but in more ways than one. (Read more…)

That’s my boy: This summer’s Hangover


Looking for a must see comedy flick this summer? That’s my boy might be the movie you were looking for. It brings together two well-known comedians, Adam Sandler and Andy Samburg, to create one of the raunchiest movies I have ever seen. I literally felt like I needed to take a shower after seeing the movie. With that being said, this movie was totally worth going to a theater to see it.

The plot for That’s my boy is nothing to write home about but it’s enough to drive the movie forward. The movie starts off in the 80’s with teenage Donny (Sandler), who has a huge crush on his teacher Ms. McGarricle. The only problem is that (Read more…)