Skirts, Boobs, and Fast Ships; CHECK!!

Okay quick WARNING!!!

Skirts, Boobs, and Fast Ships is one of the best ways to describe Otomedius Excellent, and here’s why. You play one of 11 girls that is piloting a ship to shoot down enemy invaders (is what i think it is) from either destroying the earth or trying to enslave it.  No really that’s the plot.

I’ve only played this game for the weekend and i couldn’t help but to put this review up now.

If you have ever played the “Shooter” type games like 1942, Raiden series, Gradius, Death Smiles or even Touhou games, then you’ve come across your next fun game. This game is only on the Xbox 360 and when i picked this game up i was expecting something completely ridiculous, and that’s what i got. Here’s what i mean, in the past most 2D shooters was just a one layer game with 2D sprites, this game is all 3D on a 2D platform. So the end result is that it looks really good and also very distracting. Hey i know you just thought i meant about the girls in the game, but what i really mean is that if you don’t pay close attention to your character you’ll be shot down.

Oh yes some of the Bosses. If you are a Konami fan you’ll find some fun nifty things about this game. Konami looks like they decided to put in parts of there other games in this one, so if you pay close attention you’ll see some of your favorite games in this one as well. And also to show more of how ridiculous this game is, when you get your 1st boss it’s a Cat Pirate in your typical Japanese catgirl style. This just made me giggle more than anything but at the same time it was fun.

Now for some fun tidbits. This came you can play up to 3 players offline and also online, so for all you fans of this game you can play with others! If you play off line i found out something fun till they fix it. Normally in most games like this you have your own lives or shared lives. Not this one, as long as Player 1 does not die you can use Player 2 and 3 as your shields or sacrifices.  But don’t think that’s it, Konami also added in new features like upgraded weapons and heaven forbid, Art Gallery so you can see all your favorite girls in full 1080p goodness.

This game i really enjoy and recamend to anyone who likes this style of game or just want to play something completely ridiculous fun. If you end up getting the Limited Edition set you get some fun items as well like a 2 sided pillow, artbook and the soundtrack from the game, oh and yes a very shiny box. I dare anyone to leave this out when friends,  coworkers or even the in laws come over. I have to give a fair warning about this game if i somehow convinced you to get this, Konami seems to have released this very limited so you might have a hard time getting a copy in stores.

But anyways enjoy this colorful opening / game play trailer of Otomedius Excellent!