WKO – Greeley, Colorado Recap


Image courtesy of Wizkids

Wiz Kids Open – Greeley, Colorado Recap

By Steve the Sage

Four players from Utah attended this event. Not all survived, but one rose to conquer all. Okay…we went to Greeley, Colorado for the WKO.  “We” includes Doctor J, Ben, Mike and myself. It was a great time despite the seven hour drive each way.

Each one of us ran a different team. Mike brought a Bard control build. Ben used Red Eyes, B. Dragon from Yu-Gi-Oh, that relied on Fighting BAC to clear your opponent’s board. Doctor J used a control deck using a combination of Killer Frost, Hellblazer and Lyssa Drak. I ran a Lantern Ring mask and bolt team.

First and foremost, a big shout out to Nerd Store where it was held. Another one, along with a hug, to Kirsten Lunde, the TO who did a great job.

We arrived in Greeley about 7 a.m. Saturday morning. After resting a few hours, we went to the Nerd Store to get in a few side events. We mostly did the drafts. As a team we did well. Most of us competed in 3 or 4 side events and walked away with some good looking foils.

Sunday was the big event. There were 12 different  players from Utah, Colorado, and Nebraska. Most had unique decks.

One of the most played cards I noticed was the BAC, Resurrection. Fortunately, there were no Vicious Struggle decks.

In the first round, I competed against DC, from Nebraska, with an aggro deck. I did win, but my opponent rolled terribly. In a rematch it was much closer. Mike and Doctor J also both won.

Second round, I faced my friendly foe, Doctor J. While the match went long, he ultimately won. Ben and Mike also won.

Third round, I was paired up against Mike.  Mike had a truly awesome day, but more about that later. I was 1-2. Ben lost as well, and Doctor J tied.

Fourth and last Swiss round. I faced Beth from Colorado. She was running a Zoom, Elf Thief, Front Line combo. I was holding my own, but slipped once and lost. My tournament was over. Ben’s was over as well. Doctor J and Mike won and both made it to top 8.

Doctor J faced the player he had tied earlier, and lost. Mike won.

Mike faced the same Sidekick oriented team that Doctor J lost to. Mike won again.

So it was Mike’s Bard team against another Bard team. Very hard fight but Mike prevailed to win the WKO.

The remainder of the players participated in a Rainbow Draft.

Overall, there were two aspects that impressed me. First, the variety of different teams played. I expected to see the Half Elf Bard teams. I also counted on Vicious Struggle teams, but there weren’t any.

Second, was the new first turn rule. I believe it was the reason I saw the variety of teams. After this last weekend,  I am a huge fan of it.

So, another seven hour drive back and we returned early Monday morning. All of us had a great time. I am looking forward to the next WKO in February and seeing my new friends again.