Is there a video that could show me how to play?

Where can I learn more?

There is a rules forum where Wizkids have answered many questions:


You can listen to podcasts, and read articles at:

Double Burst:

The Reserve Pool:

Dice Masters Subreddit:

Dice Anon (past articles):

RetroMaticGamer (Youtube):

Dice Dice Kitty:

DMDiceMasters (Youtube):–3pCX8jQ

Where can I keep track of all my sets and teams?

You can track everything with most of these sites/apps.

You can also create teams, and preview cards that you may not have yet.

Dice Masters Decks:

Dice Masters Retrobox:

Transition Zone (Android mobile app)

Sidekick for Dice Masters (iOS mobile app)

What should I use to hold all these cards and dice!?

This forum thread has a lot of suggestions:

A lot of people use Plano Fishing Tackle boxes.

There are also custom boxes from craft stores.

Zen Bins are a storage option for cards and dice that was designed specifically for Dice Masters.

Wizkids Team and Collector boxes are also available.

Where is a good place to buy more Dice Masters products?

We would first recommend your local gaming store. It’s a great place to meet other players and support the local community. It’s also your best bet for finding Organized Play events. Also, some local Wal-Marts, Targets, and Walgreens stock Dice Masters Products

If there is nothing local, or they do not have what you are looking for here are a few online retailers:

Sandy Game Haven:

Cool Stuff Inc:

Troll and Toad:

Arrow Star Games:



These are also great places to find the going rates if you are looking to value your collection.

Dice Towers:


You may also get custom mats printed here:

Inked Gaming:

What does [Keyword] mean?

The most recent keywords are listed here:

Has there been a rotation of any sets?

No. However, there have been hints that a rotation might be coming.

Have any cards been banned or been given errata?




From the Wizkids ruling:

“When In Doubt, Choose the ‘Weaker’ Option”

Sometimes there will be card text or interactions that could reasonably be interpreted in one or two ways. A random sample of players asked might get split down the middle on how it plays out. We’d encourage judges to rule that the weaker interpretation is the correct one. For example, if an effect might reroll a single character die, or every copy of that character die, but is unclear, a judge using this guidance would rule that only a single die is rerolled.”

While the rules are pretty clear here, a good habit when asking for a ruling from a judge is to simply ask about an interaction without the influence of context. This allows the judge to remain unbiased when determining which effect is weaker.