Sidekicks are a special type of dice and are defined, to some degree by their location. They are always Sidekick Dice for all effects.

They are also characters while in the Field Zone or the Reserve Pool on their character face (the pawn with A & D values of 1), but are not considered characters in any other area of play. While in the Field Zone they are valid targets for effects that target an active die or active dice.

For effects that require a player to name a character Sidekicks are ineligible because Sidekicks have no card, thus no name (a character’s name is found on its card). Examples of effects that name characters are: Constantine – Hellblazer, and  Catwoman – Nine Lives.

Sidekick is a type of die, and can be named with effects that name types of dice. Examples of effects that name types of dice are: Relaxing – Basic Action, and Deck of Many Things – Epic Magical Object.

Characters with the “Ally” keyword are considered Sidekicks once they are in the field.