What are the differences between capturing and controlling?


When you capture a die, move the captured die to your Field Zone and place your capturing die on top of it. A captured die no longer exists for game purposes. Once the capturing ends, place the die wherever it came from (the text on the capturing die’s card will tell you where you captured it from). Unless otherwise noted, capturing ends at the end of the turn, or when the capturing die is KO’d.

For example:

Gelatinous Cube – Apprentice Ooze card text reads, “Whenever a character is knocked out during the attack step, you may pay [SHIELD] to have Gelatinous Cube capture it. This capture lasts until it is used again.”


When you take control of a die, it becomes yours for game purposes. Move it into your field and place it on top of the die controlling it. Your controlling die cannot attack, but you can send the controlled die to attack.

For example:

Scarecrow – Hallucinogenic Vapors card text reads, “If Scarecrow is KO’d, take control of target opposing character die until end of turn. Spin this die to an energy face and place it underneath the controlled die. Move it to the Prep Area when you return the controlled die.”