All together now! So many great things happen on this episode. Jeff and Rachel still hope for Drew to get a Playstation 4, and with each passing day, he is getting closer… But, what will he have to do to earn it? Rachel explains to the guys what hashtag: PSL is. As for Jeff, well, he just wants other level 27’s to join him on his Destiny journey. Also joining us is the infamous Glenn with his very own Gaems, read about the machine here.

Playstation Network Maintenence Oct. 13th — from 10 am-5pm PST. (SOURCE LINK)

PlayStation Plus Price Increase Isn’t in the Offing for North America–Price went up in other countries. (SOURCE LINK)

Sony holds back DriveClub’s PlayStation Plus demo due to server issues. (SOURCE LINK)

Voice cast for Little Big Planet 3 revealed. (SOURCE LINK)

Sony’s PlayStation 4 wins Gadget of the Year. (SOURCE LINK)

Sony’s PS4-streaming smartphone gets a US release date. Sony Xperia Z3V – 23 OCT. (SOURCE LINK)

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