This tremendous episode brings you many delights! We make up for not having an Indie Game of the Week, by throwing in several random sound effects. Rachel discusses her purple Boogs, Jeff explains the “Chicken Talk”, and we learn about doo-doo. The topic we chose to discuss this week was all about Rage Quitting. From solemn FFXIII removals to Uncharted angst we talk about the times we walked away from games with broken hearts and sometimes broken controllers.

The news was a delight from the Limited Edition Batman PS4 to the 1.5 million installs of Spotify. Sony launches a little show called Playstation Underground… It’s pretty good, and someday they might be as entertaining as we are…

We discuss April’s ¬†free PS Plus games and all the good new releases, we even hear from Drew about his foray into Bloodborne.

It’s a busy week in this hour-long episode of the LittleBigKast!

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