I’m officially going to unpredict everything I want to happen. Next year, Half Life 3 is TOTALLY not going to be launched. Nuh uh, no way. (See that defensive pessimism I was talking about? Hmm?)

This E3 conference may be the stuff of legend. Sony’s session drove stock prices up for many if not all the companies mentioned, but, forget the stock prices; we were promised the lure of nostalgia and the glorious future of Sony all in one sitting.

Jeff raced to his E3 hotel to prep for the people he’d meet (he met Shuhei Yoshida!) and the videos he’d take at the show (check them out through Patreon) and connected just in time to chime in with all five of us.

Our loves at Sony didn’t disappoint us.

From Jeff almost getting murdered by a shady cab driver to Rachel lamenting her predictions (for only the Sony session!), we give you our most candid opinions and hilarity as only we can bring you. Oh, and if you want to watch me freak out completely and cry, jump to the Final Fantasy VII Remake reveal.

The Rundown:

  • The Last Guardian gameplay (six years and we finally get a taste!)
  • Horizon: Zero Dawn (Caveman + Steampunk = Cavepunk)
  • Hitman (Could be interesting…)
  • Street Fighter V (Cell-shaded arcade goodies!)
  • Dreams (Another creative venture from Media Molecule. We can always trust they’ll let players actually “play.”)
  • No Man’s Sky (I’m going to get so freakin’ lost in this game. Give me Google Maps when I play!)
  • Destiny’s The Taken King DLC (Well, there goes any hope of getting the crew on a different game.)
  • Shenmue III (Watch as KT loses his mind and tries to give $500 to the Kickstarter during the show.)
  • World of Final Fantasy (It’s so cuuuuute! The lead’s last name is Chiba and he’s making chibi characters…)
  • Final Fantasy VII Official Remake (OHDEARLAWD YAAAAAAAAS!!!)
  • Playstation Vue (Ahem, a la carte television? I can get on board that train.)
  • Project Morpheus (It’ll do … something. We don’t know what because we got all of 39 seconds of display.)
  • Uncharted 4 (Oh yeah, Nathan Drake. I guess he’s a big deal or something… *preorders 14 copies of the game* My preciousssssssss.)

Mah goodness, I’m going to need to take some time to recover from all this…wake me when we have release dates.


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