Anime Expo 2012 – Day 3

Anime Expo is a 4 day event that goes from Friday-Monday of the weekend. Unfortunately Deedo and I have day jobs so Sunday is is the last day of Anime Expo 2012 we can cover. Don’t worry though, it was an action packed day of cool interviews. We have interviews with a company that is developing giant robots, Aksys games and anime Industry leader Funimation! Now let’s kick off day 3 with this video:

(More videos and pictures after the break)

To kick off our day of interviews we stopped by the Kill3r Combo booth where they were demoing their free-to-play game Elsword. In all three days we were there, this booth seemed to attract a lot of attention (not to mention that the company has an awesome name). Deedo and I got an interview with Chris Cabiling, product coordinator at Kill3r Combo, to find out more about Elsword. Take a look at the video below:

To sign up and play Elsword head on over to

The way we found our next interview was very interesting. While wandering around in Artist Alley, Deedo and I noticed a very interesting booth. The person at the booth was giving out bad art. Intrigued by this, I managed to pull Ben from Boxseats.Tv for a quick interview to see why they were at Anime Expo 2012.

Head on over to to see Boxseat.Tv’s productions (I highly recommend it!).

Again our next interview was from random chance. While walking around the convention floor, the Hyperactive Monkey caught my eye. There was something about a Shaolin and Ninja money that made me want to find out more. Watch this video to learn more about Jerome Lu’s awesome creations.

Find out everything about Hyperactive Monkey at

Considering the grab bag I got on day 2 was a total bust, I wanted another chance at a grab bag. This time around I decided to split it with Jason. There was no humanly possible way I could get another lemon grab bag… right?

(Yeah let’s just say I’ve had better luck with Woot! Bag of craps!)

After getting another disappointing grab bag it was time for us to stop by the Aksys Games booth. Deedo had been looking forward to doing this interview ever since we set it up the day before. Watch the video to find out what Aksys Games has in store us and watch Deedo ask some hard hitting questions!

Stay up to date with Aksys Games at

If you watch anime in the US there is one company you probably have heard of, Funimation. Deedo got a chance to talk with Justin and Sully from Funimation to find out what they have in store for the rest of the year! There was so much to talk about that this is the longest video interview we had at Anime Expo 2012. If you weren’t able to attend the Funimation panel at Anime Expo this video interview is the next best thing!

Head on over to to stay up to date with all their releases!

When I found out about our next interview I got super excited. I really only need to say this, mecha. The folks at Mechanized Propulsion Systems are working hard to build practical mecha! One day we could have real life Gundams (oh would I love that!). Check out the interview I got with Earle Bishop, CEO of MPS Inc.

To find out more information about MPS check out

While we were at the Funimation booth, Justin Rojas suggested that we stop by the GameSamba booth. GameSamba was there promoting their new anime style MMORPG Remnant Knights. Best of all it’s a free-to-play game so you don’t have anything to loose. Watch the video below to see me talking with Brendon Lindsey, Vice President of Content at GameSamba, about Remnant Knights. He even drops a tidbit of information that not too many people know about!

To start playing Remnant Knights head on over to and sign up!

What an action packed final day for us at Anime Expo 2012. Deedo and I had a blast this year during the convention and we hope that you all enjoyed our coverage. It was my first time at Anime Expo and it’s such a different vibe from all the other conferences I have been to. If you have any suggestions please feel free to contact me (KT “AT” Ktdata.Net) or leave a comment below. So here is Deedo and I saying goodbye from Anime Expo 2012! Keep an eye out for more convention coverage soon!

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