Anime Salt Lake 2012: Day 1


Remember the first time you went to a convention? Seeing everyone dressed up in some of your favorite characters, acting out scenes from your favorite shows and getting some of your favorite swag out of the dealers room. We got to experience that again at Anime Salt Lake 2012 and now on with the show!

This is the first year for Anime Salt Lake to take to the public but unlike their big sister Anime Banzai, this convention wants to be the rebel. That’s right, Anime Salt Lake is trying to gear this convention to the older fans while still being able to accommodate the newer fans who just learned about anime. We spent two days talking with fans, dealers, staff and people from the artist ally just to find out what they think or want to see where this convention might go in the later years to come. Now for the scary part, we were given press passes to cover Anime Salt Lake. Lets just say that we used and abused those passes, take a look at what we found at Anime Salt Lake 2012!

Visual Kei

This Panel is for Visual Kei. What is Visual Kei you my ask? If your familiar with J-Rock (Japanese Rock) then you might noticed that the bands have a unique visual style. This style can normally be spotted by the use of make-up, elaborate hair styles and flamboyant costumes, often, but not always, coupled with androgynous aesthetics or “manly beauty” if you will. Due to a lack of communication the panel was pushed back and we ended up missing it. Luckily enough we happen to know the person who was running the panel, Vicious Kurai, and managed to get an interview with her.

Kinky Cosplay

In anime we see a lot of girls dressed in almost nothing fighting each other, piloting robots, battling space creatures, chilling on the beach or saving the world. There are a small group of female cosplayers who will find one of these characters and wanna dress like them. These brave few souls show the rest that if you love what you do enough it doesn’t matter how you dress as long as you respect yourself and give respect to the girls who are in these cosplay. If you see these girls and you want to take a picture you should keep in mind that it takes more than guts to dress like that, it takes passion.

Catherine Tournament

Catherine, a game that’s been out for a few months and is a puzzle based game where the whole real point of the game as it was put in this interview, “To get some ass”. Sadly we did miss the filming of the tournament but if you did attend this let us know how it went

Catherine Game Play

Batsu Games

The term of “Batsu” means punishment for a wrong answer. Batsu games takes place after a bet or competition where the loser is forced to do something unpleasant while the winner sits back and enjoys it. One of the best examples is playing Rock, Paper, and Scissors where the winner gets to slap the loser. In the Anime Salt Lake 2012 version, the loser is the person who draws the joker card. We caught a few rounds of the games in the video below.

Are you Smarter than a Weeaboo?

Think you know more about anime than anyone around you? Take Are you Smater than a 5th Grader and replace everything with questions about anime that only hardcore fans would know and what you get is Are You Smarter Than a Weeaboo? Think you know more than a Weeaboo?
Here the game takes 5 categories with 2 questions from each. Mainstream, Uncommon, Classic, Underground, and Only a Weeaboo would know. These questions can be from video games or anime but also can be about the smallest detail. An example of this is “In FLCL what’s written on the cigarette of Mamimi Samejima?” Answer, “Never knows Best”

Anti Anime Cosplay Roast

Comedy Central roasting style of event. Takes 2 random people and pit them up agents each other. They “bash” each other about what there wearing, character, but not on their physique. Started kinda slow but the host was carrying it most of the way until the rules were changed to who’s on stage vs. the audience.

Here is what we discovered on Friday at Anime Salt Lake 2012. Saturday is even more jammed packed than this. Keep your eye out for Day 2 of Anime Salt Lake 2012 coming real soon!

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