Dressing up those Dice Masters Sidekicks!


Dying your Dice

Many of us have oodles of extra sidekick dice. We bought each starter set to get those Basic Action and character cards, while accumulating lots of extra dice sidekick dice in the process. Some of us even went and purchased the collector’s boxes that added another set to your collection.
So what should we be doing with all of these extra, white, boring sidekick dice? You dye them!

Create variety to your game, and dye a set to match that beautiful mat you have. Also, don’t forget about all those extra action dice you have sitting around, those can get spiced up as well. Although these are not officially tournament legal, many casual local events will allow you to play them (just ask your Tournament Organizer first).

Here is a simple recipe to create that awesome set of dice that will have all your friends in envy.

What is needed:

  • “iDye Poly” Dye. There are many different types of dye out there. This brand appears to be the best. It is $4-5 at your local craft store or can be found online. You want to be sure that that the dye you purchase will dye plastics. Also there are dyes out there that will alter or damage the dice. This specific dyeing process will not alter or change the integrity of the dice.


  • Stainless steel pot (the dye will come out of stainless steel) Smaller pots allow for easier dice removal.

Note: You may not want to use this pot for cooking food after.

  • Large spoon
  • Latex gloves (optional but nice)
  • Plastic bowl, or something to put the dice in after dyeing process.
  • Towel
  • Dish Soap

Note: You may not want to use these materials for cooking food after using them to dye. Also, don’t use something unless you plan on the possibility that it might get ruined.


  1. Add water (as much as desired no specific measurements needed) and entire color packet, including color intensifier (included in the iDye poly package) to the stainless steel pot.
  2. Stir in color and bring to a boil.


  3. Turn down heat to prevent the water from boiling over.


  4. Add dice. Continue to stir.


  5. Remove the dice after 45sec. This is a general rule of thumb. Time will dictate depth of color. For darker dye colors, i.e. Blue or Purple, you will want to shorten this time. If you want the dice to be a darker color leave them in a little longer
  6. When dice are removed place them in a container that you can use to wash the dice.


  7. Rinse dice with cold water and dish soap. This removes all “extra” dye that can rub off or stain your fingers/mat or bag. Continue to wash until water from the dice is clear.



  1. Dry the dice with a towel or paper towel and set out to dry.
  2. Take your dice to your next local event and be the envy of all your friends!


Creating the Tye-dye Effect

You can create a white/color tye-dye effect with your dice. This will provide some edges in the color transition. To do this effect, use rubber cement. Add the rubber cement to the dice before placing them in the dye. Once the dice are removed from the pot, you will remove all the rubber cement from the dice during the washing process. Doing this will keep the white color to the areas where the rubber cement was placed. The color will bleed a little on the edge of the rubber cement giving it a “tye-dye” appearance.
To do this with two colors you will dye the dice twice. Be sure to do the lighter color for the first dye. Apply rubber cement and then dye it a second time with the darker color.



Creating a “Camo” Effect

Much like the tye-dye effect this will give you white with a color effect. To create a more hard edge to the color transition. This is done with silly putty. Create whatever design to each dice that you would like by taking the silly putty and connecting it to the dice. When the dice are put in the dye, the silly putty will keep the color from hitting the dice. When done correctly the edges will not bleed and give you a hard edge from white to color.

Can I dye my translucent sidekicks?

Yes. follow all the same procedures you would for the all sidekicks/actions. They will keep a translucent quality to the dice and look great.


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