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Ways to Play Dice Masters

Customize That!
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By: Zacgree

One of the great things about this game is that each time you play it is different than the last time. On top of that we have the opportunity to make events unique to mix it up even more.

We have compiled a few of the most unique and most fun events around. Feel free to adjust these to fit your group’s style.


2 vs 2. An official alternative way to play!
See this PDF for more details.

Uncommon only

Your team can only consist of Uncommon Cards.

Common only

Your team can only consist of Common Cards.

Single Set

Your team can only consist of cards from one set.
You can either name the set, or let the players choose one between all the sets.

Dual Sets

Your team can only consist of cards from two sets.
You can either name the sets, or let the players choose one between all the sets.

Single Universe

Your team can only consist of cards from one of the universes. (Marvel, DC, D&D, etc.)
You can either name the universe, or let the players choose one.


Your team can only consist of cards from one of the affiliations. (Villains, Monsters, Spidey Friends, Avengers, X-Men, etc.)
You can also have the option of having one defector (one nonaffiliated card) or have the option of allowing a couple of the cards to be supporting cards, such as non-basic actions.

Roll for the Team

Make four teams of four cards one team for each energy. At the beginning of each match roll two sidekicks. Play with the energies you roll. If you roll a wild you pick if you roll a sidekick the opponent picks.


Only one die for each card.

Glass Cannons

Whenever a character takes damage it’s ko’d.  Direct Damage abilities are banned.


At least six of your eight cards must have a doppelganger (all eight may have one, should you desire). This means they must have the same name as at least one other card of your six, such as two different Hulks. However, every card needs unique dice to go with them. So each doppelganger must come from a different set, with the exception being the two Splinters from the TNMT as they have different dice.

Chaos Draft

Standard draft using the choice of any combination of gravity feed packs in stock.
You can either name the sets, or let the players choose one between all the sets.

Quick Draft

Using the contents of 4 booster packs and 4 character/action cards and dice players brought with them, assemble a team.
If the player has only one matching dice for a character/action card that was opened from the sealed packs, they may place that dice in the Used Pile at the beginning of the game for free.
Players may place the one die in the Used Pile for free only if they opened one die for that character/action from the sealed packs. (If the player opened multiple dice and chooses to only use one, this does not apply)

Lucky 7’s

Players should bring 3 characters with a printed cost of 7. The 7 cost cards can be from any set and be any rarity. The remainder of the characters/actions need to be common or uncommon rarity (grey or green stripe).

Fun House

Players should bring five (5) unique basic action cards which at the beginning of the event, the judge will pick 2 at random for the player to use the entire event. Players will construct a team consisting of no more than 2 of each cost, with the max printed cost of 8. For rounds 1 and 3 of the event, the purchase cost for the character and action dice (not basic action) will be ten minus the printed cost (so a character that normally costs 8 to purchase would cost 2 for round 1 and 3). Big Entrance and other cards that reduce purchase price will have the opposite effect these rounds. For round 2 everything is normal, except that the player will still be using the randomly selected basic actions the judge selected at the beginning of the night. All sets are allowed for this event.

While Active Global

You can construct your team as normal, however your basic actions can’t have globals and neither you nor your opponent can use any globals unless you have a copy of that character dice fielded. Want to use PXG? Better buy him and field him. If you do manage to field him, you can use the global, but your opponent cannot unless they have a UXM Professor X fielded as well.

Let’s Get Physical

The only rule of the tournament is that you cannot deal damage to your opponent other than through combat damage. Overcrush is combat damage. Cheetah’s damage when she is declared as an attacker is not combat damage. Now, you can do all kinds of damage to a character, just not your opponent.

No More Global Market

This week, your globals are no longer global. Only you get to use your globals and only you get to purchase your basic actions. The rest of the build is unlimited. We suggest banning the Bard and Lantern Ring.

No Such Thing as a Free Lunch

In this event, every character on your team must have a minimum fielding cost of 1 on each character die face. However, Professor X is banned.

Cinco de Coste

In honor of Cinco de Mayo, everything except basic actions shall cost 5 energy.

Salary Cap

All cards are assigned a “cost” based on their rarity, and the combined cost of your eight cards cannot exceed $5. Commons: $0.25 / Uncommons and promos: $0.50 / Rares (yellow stripe only): $2.00. Super rares are $3. Basic Actions are not assigned a cost and don’t count toward your $5 limit.

Fabulous Forty

The combined cost of all 10 cards must equal exactly 40.

Thrilla in Vanilla

Four cards in your team must be completely blank, including no keywords (such as “Overcrush”). The only exception is common Ghost Rider from AvX—because sometimes it’s still worth taking the time to say you have nothing to say…

Creature Feature

All eight of your team cards must include some sort of living, NON-HUMAN creature as part of their actual name. Subtitles don’t count. Examples: Wasp? Yes, a wasp is a creature. Blue Beetle? Yes, a beetle is also a creature. Red Tornado? No, a tornado is wild and awesome and moves about, but it isn’t a living creature.

Also, the terms of boy/man/girl/woman/etc. don’t qualify a character on their own but neither do they disqualify. Hence, Superman will have to sit this one out because the “man” part doesn’t count, but Batman and Spiderman are welcome because of “Bat” and “Spider.”

Finally, most D&D/YuGiOh monsters count, so long as the character is referred to as a creature (as in Zombie or Umber Hulk) rather than given a proper name (i.e., Bahamut or Orcus are a no-go). Unlimited BAC’s.

Two Suit Set

Your eight characters must consist of two of each energy type (suit): two fist, two mask, two bolt, and two shield.


All cards, including BAC’s, must have a printed purchase cost of 4.

Odd or Even

All cards on your team have to be ALL even or ALL odd. You can have multiple cards of the same cost.

The Gods Demand Tribute

Your team must have at least 1 character that has the Sacrifice keyword or the mechanic “move a character from the field to the used pile for an effect”. Silver Sable is not allowed for this event, that would be too easy! You must use the Sacrifice ability at least once during the game.

Unique Starters

Your team may only consist of cards found in starter sets or collector’s boxes. Each card will be limited to max 2 dice (basic actions still have 3). If your opponent brings the same character from the same starter but different subtitle, each player is only allowed 1 die for the character. If you both bring the same character and same subtitle, both players cannot use that card for the match. If you both bring the same basic action only 1 copy of the card may be used (with 3 dice).

A Game of Chance

6 of the 8 character slots on your team must have some kind of ‘chance’ ability (i.e. The Riddler: Riddle Me This, Harvey Bullock, Gate, etc). The other 2 slots are for utility cards (meaning they help your chance characters in some way but cannot be used for a win condition). One of your basic actions must have a chance ability. Let’s find out who lady luck likes the most!

It’s All Game

You can purchase any die in the game, including your opponent’s dice.

Healer’s Touch

The life cap of 20 is removed.

Life Carries on

You start with 20 health but your health will carry over to your next battle. So if you won with 10 health left, then on your next match you start with 10; if you lost, then your health resets to 20.

Dice Masters Bingo (League)

Complete your bingo card over several weeks of play to earn a special prize
Download the Bingo Card

One of a Kind

Your team must have:

  • One common
  • One uncommon
  • One rare
  • One super rare
  • One promo
  • One starter
  • One non basic action
  • And one last card of the person’s choice

Re-Pack Draft

Do a normal draft with booster packs that are created from someone’s collection. Your choice on what to put in the packs (but let everyone know what is in them first). Spice it up with some top tier cards randomly inserted in packs.

No Equal Cost

Every card has to be a different purchase cost.

Divided We Stand

Characters must all be from different affiliations (think mercenaries). Hydra and “V” Villains will count as separate affiliations for this event. Actions do not need affiliations  to play. You may have up to 2 characters that share one affiliation. No neutral characters are allowed (neutral characters do not have a printed affiliation)

Random Select

Your team of 8 cards are shuffled and put face down. Put the dice aside. Then, each turn you flip up a card (it stays flipped up), and add the dice of that character. Once a card is flipped up, you now have access to buy that character.

Ban List

Works best with 12. Make a team of (12 or whatever you choose) and your opponent bans (for 1 matchup only) cards down to the 8 card limit. Each game you may play with a different set of 8 characters.

Bi-polar Draft

Everyone gets 6 boosters of one specific set and the other 6 are from other sets each player chooses. Draft the primary set first and the random sets second. Better if each player agrees to pick a different set than everyone else as their second set.

Beast Master

D&D only, must have an active adventurer to attack. Bard and magic missile banned.

Limited Time Sale!

All characters must have a cost of 4 or higher and have their cost reduced by 2.


Each player starts at 0 health, and the person with the highest life total at the end of 30 minutes wins.

Team Switcheroo

You’ll bring a constructed team with character cards/dice, sidekick dice and basic action cards/dice from any set (unlimited). BUT before your match, each player will roll one d6. If the sum of the two dice results is an ODD number then you and your opponent will SWITCH teams with each other. If EVEN, it’s business as usual and you’ll play with your own team. May the best team, er, player win.


If we missed your favorite event, please let us know! We want to keep this updated so everyone can have a good source to find the most fun and most unique events.

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