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Green Arrow and The Flash
Draft Cheat Sheet
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This is a little cheat sheet that Double Burst has come up with to help you out in your drafts. It lists our favorite cards in the set and a little reminder on how they can help you win your draft. That way no matter what you pull in your packs you can find something that works for you. Good luck!!

You can also download a printer friendly version of the Cheat Sheet here.



Clayface™: The Terror = Extra mask, good to use with Polymorph & Distraction Globals

Cyborg™: Technis Imperative = Extra shield, use with Transfer Power & Rip Hunter Globals

Merlyn™: League of Assassins = Extra bolt, use with Invulnerability & Magic Missile Globals

Gorilla Grodd™: Brains and Brawn = Extra fist, good to use with Anger Issues Global

-Note: the 4 globals above allow to to get that extra energy to buy that one die that you were one short of (especially if the energy you are missing corresponds with the global energy)

STAR Labs CUR = Prep a SK, and Field a SK, gives a bit of ramp and a potential future blocker, attacker, or energy (used with globals above). Also helps with cycling dice for better bag grabs

Rip Hunter C & R = Purchased die goes to prep, great if your bag is full and you need a certain die next turn



Batgirl™: Commish’s Daughter = Prevents targeting character abilities like Static common & rare, Felicity common, Firestorm Common, Atom common

Captain Cold™’s Cold Gun: Snowy Schematics = Good removal

Felicity Smoak™: Gray Hat = Cheap character to spin up your big guys and spin down your opponents

Firestorm™: Host of the Matrix = Great for removal

Hal Jordan™: Green Lantern’s Light = Cheapest crossover, good stats, good against Rare Grodd, Rare Merlyn, and Rare Weather Wizard. Good combined with Rare King Shark

Huntress™: The Hunt Begins = Cheapish and easy to spin up

Katana™: Bladerunner = Gives you options to re-field when needed

Power Ring™: Harold Jordan + unblockable action die = Heavy hitter against walls. Big stats, just have to pair it with something that lets you take advantage of those stats (i.e. transfer power, unblockable dice, overcrush, etc.)

Static™: Virgil Hawkins = Good sidekick removal, but be careful not to hit your own

The Atom™: Sword of The Atom + Polymorph = Great removal

Wonder Girl™: Supergirl™’s Gal Pal = Cheap w/ decent stats



Amanda Waller™: The Wall = Good blocker w/ a few of her blocking

Captain Cold™’s Cold Gun: Beautifully Designed = Removal on both players turns & can prevent attacking

Doctor Light™: Blinding Bright = No blocking sidekicks is good in drafts where people wall up

Firestorm™: The Nuclear Man = Ability gives big stats; just have to pair it with something that lets you take advantage of those stats (i.e. transfer power, unblockable dice, overcrush, etc.)

Gorilla Grodd™: Force of Mind = Expensive, but if you can field him with other big characters it’s game over

Katana™: Crisis and Tragedy = Cheap w/ decent stats. Ability can help if timed correctly

Professor Zoom™: Inescapable Fate = Great endgame ability if your opponent doesn’t save any energy. Good way to make them waste energy too

Static™: The Big Bang = Cheap, easy to spin up

Wonder Girl™: Ares’s Champion = If you can get 3-4 along with another Teen Titan, you can get a lot of characters fast



Captain Cold™’s Cold Gun: Frozen “Firearm” = Good removal, and blanks text

Cyborg™: Technis Imperative = Best blocker in the set

Doctor Light™: Actual Doctor = Prevents sidekick damage = less damage

Felicity Smoak™: Manipulating Technology = Cheapest character to have this ability yet

Firestorm™: Elemental Fury + crossover’s & Distraction = Direct damage wins drafts

Giganta™: Larger Than Life + Polymorph & common Atom = removal & overcrush. She even comes with a built in Global to spin her down

Gorilla Grodd™: Brains and Brawn = If opponent doesn’t have crossover’s it’s unblockable, if they do, they are probably getting KO’d when blocking Grodd

King Shark™: “I’m a Shark!” + Crossover die = Boosts + overcrush = win game

Merlyn™: League of Assassins = Potentially unblockable

Static™: Taser Punch = Sidekick removal, or ramp if you KO your own

Weather Wizard™: The Storm is Here = Potentially unblockable


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