Army of Imotous!

4 and a half weeks later i got my box of Imoutos from To aru Majutsu no Index capsule toys. If your a collector then your no stranger to these kinda figures but for those who might be looking at this and thinking “WTF” here’s how it works. Capsule toys are normally from dispenser coin operated games kinda like gumball machines but in this case it’s a toy in a small plastic ball. These are still similar to the capsule toy since when you buy one you don’t know what’s inside but if you’ve mastered the art of capsule toys you can figure out what’s in it by weight, sound and maybe even sent, if you end getting some of these from a store and are looking for Index then i have some good tips for you. Try to shake the box and see if you can hear no movement, Index’s box is going to be light and feels kinda empty since all the others come in bubble rap Index is in a plastic shell that takes up the whole box.

This set is the second volume of capsule toys and includes 9 Imoutos, 1 Kuroko in a bikini, 1 Index with Sphinx, and 1 Misaka. Since there heads and bodies are interchangeable it makes good for some fun combinations and displaying.

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