Heeeeello Nurse!

Just this Tuesday a new download game on Xbox Live Arcade and Playstaton Network was released called Skull Girls. A unique 2D fighting game by Autumn Games and Konami. I first heard about this game a few months back and after some game trailers and preview battle system I’ve been on the fence, but i did end up getting it. At first it’s very nice and clean for the animation and game play, plus all the unique characters.

I played it for a few hours and noticed it’s very fun, but as soon as i started to play friends i noticed the balancing is kinda off and when you play more than 1 character the switching or assisting of your other players is very fast and allows spamming.  One thing that i found very lacking is that they never put in a move list for the characters but you can go to there website to pull off a movelist. This issue is being looked into from what I’ve read but they didn’t think it was important to include a movelist, and also they plan to add more characters, stages and other DLC depending how this game sells. If you wanna try it out it’s a great little fighter for 15 bucks get 8 playable characters, online access to beat people down and that’s about it, but if you stick with it you might see it become better. Also check out there website as well for more details, http://skullgirls.com/

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