Army of Imotous!

4 and a half weeks later i got my box of Imoutos from To aru Majutsu no Index capsule toys. If your a collector then your no stranger to these kinda figures but for those who might be looking at this and thinking “WTF” here’s how it works. Capsule toys are normally from dispenser coin operated games kinda like gumball machines but in this case it’s a toy in a small plastic ball. (Read more…)

“Onaka ga suite imasu” Index comes!

A while back i posted about the Index Figma and now i can write a real review about her. Figma has always been known for there articulation and quality when making there figures this time they decided to take a new approach and add cloth to there figures. Up till now most of them have been made of ABS plastic so some figures couldn’t be made due to there clothing but with this Figma they made Index’s lower dress out of cloth allowing for full movement with her legs but i would still have liked it if her coat was also made with cloth too and maybe even her head wear.

Index doesn’t come with a lot of accessories but her cat Sphinx, prayer hands, knife and fork. Her head wear also gets in the way of her arms but it is removable and comes with another front head piece, and 2 other faces. Even with these limitations Index still proves to be a good Figma in the line up thus far but wish they would have given her rage face.

Check out the gallery after the break.

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Mr. Fukou da, Kamijou Touma.

Kamijou Touma known as to have the worse luck in To Aru Majustu no Index, now has come in Figma form. I’ve been a fan of this series for awhile now and when i heard Touma was coming to the Figma line i ordered it. But when i got him i ran into a few problems. I’m sure this was just mine that was like this since this happens from time to time with figures of all kinds. But after i pulled him out and started to get him ready for display and picture taking, one of his hands broke off and the peg got stuck in the arm joint. This is a really bad thing since getting that out is really bad. Normally you could email who you bought it though and get a replacement since it was defective. But i’m not like that. I took a small drill bit and drilled out the opposite end of the plug then stuck a needle inside to pop it out. Then i took the broken hand, ran it under hot water till it was loosened. removed the broken piece then did the same to another hand (since i have a ton of them). When i had the new plug in the hand i ran it under cold water till it was solid in place. I know this was to be about Touma but if anyone has this happen before or does happen this might help.

Warming up plastic under hot water will loosen it up just enough to bend into place, then when you get it where you want it to be, run that same piece under cold water. This will set the plastic in place. This works for just about any plastic parts and if you have that leaning figure on a shelf collecting dust.

Now about Touma after i fixed him. He can stand on his own feet very well. As long as you can get him to stand he will stand on his own due to the very nice balance. Even with his lack of accessories he does come with a “punching” fist just for his action poses. Also him being very well built makes him able to do dynamic action poses from the series or anything you might be able to come up with.

Aside from all that there is a few things that i’m not sure about him. He’s to plane. What i mean by this, Touma is a normalish high school kid doesn’t stand out or really do much to stand out. I think this figure does that almost to well. I have him displayed in a nice lighted area and seems to blend into the background. There is also things they could have added to Touma. Even though they have his “Image Braker” and his punching action, i feel they should have added in his dragon arm. If you watched the series or have played the PSP game, you see it and seems to play a big role in the show. But in any case, outside those things and maybe a few more that i don’t think it’s that important to put up, Touma is a nice Figma and if your also a fan of  To Aru Majustu no Index, this might be something you want to check out. Later this month Kuroko Shirai well come out with the psp game, To Aru Kagaku no Railgun. And at the end of the year Index  comes out, and that’s the main cast right there.

So if you feel like you want some Fukou da fun look for Kamijou Touma and have some fun!