Black Rock Shooter the Game Hoodie.


A while back I met up with some old friends and I found out one makes custom fleece hoodies, so I asked if he could make me one from Black Rock Shooter, as long as I had a design he could do it. So a bit about who makes these hoodies, his name is Koru Fox from Snow Flash Designs and also makes Fursuits, Plushies, Chain Maille, Accessories and more! He does free estimates and design samples so if you wanted something else you like to be made into a hoodie or what not he can do it or at least let you know if it’s possible.

This is my first time ever having something like this made and when I get more ideas I’ll be going back to my friend for other hoodies. His prices does very depending on how much detail needs to be made or how much material is used, I paid 100 USD for this and took me about 2 and a half weeks to receive it. If you have any questions about what can be made or just general questions for Koru you can contact him at or tweet him at KoruFox.


Twitter: KoruFox

These photos were taken my me and I had our friend Vicious Kurai to model the hoodie for me, so thank you Kurai for doing this and I hope you liked the sushi.
How it’s made.

First off it’s made of fleece and has a very nice stitching job plus very light and warm.

DSC02371 copy

One of the best feature of the hoodie is how big the hood is. I don’t know about everyone else but I like a big hood and this gives me that but also if you don’t like it big then you can ask to have made smaller.

Now for some Details. 
The one thing about this hoodie that was probably the hardest was one sleeve were there is a star on it and it came out super nice.
DSC02373 copy
Koru offers different “pocket” designs, the ones I went with are the normal hoodie design with it sown at the bottom of where your hands go in so stuff inside doesn’t come out plus these pockets are triple stitched just for that added help to keep it in.


DSC02411 copy


Once again thank you Koru for this awesome hoodie and you did a great job I just with I did this sooner so I could wear it in the winter time.

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