Black Rock Shooter the Game Hoodie.


A while back I met up with some old friends and I found out one makes custom fleece hoodies, so I asked if he could make me one from Black Rock Shooter, as long as I had a design he could do it. So a bit about who makes these hoodies, his name is Koru Fox from Snow Flash Designs and also makes Fursuits, Plushies, Chain Maille, Accessories and more! (Read more…)

Black Rock Shooter the Game PSP Review.

I just got BRStG yesterday and had a chance to charge my PSP and play it for a few hours to get a feel for the game. And i like it, it’s only hard since i can’t read any of the letters… After going back to my PSP after… well it’s been awhile since i last played it and for a PSP game it’s very nice looking. The battle system is easy to use even when you can’t read the menu or anything really… Game play is also smooth and very clean, plus the intro was done very well.

I’ve only put in like 2-3 hours into and got 2 of the power ups so far but i’m loving this game for what it is. America don’t look sad when it seems like i’m the only having fun with this game, NIS America as announced that Black Rock Shooter the Game will be coming to America, though that TBA. From what i know if NIS and how they work there games, if they don’t try and do a dubbing for it (i hope they don’t) we can see it out by the end of the year, but if they do try to dub it then maybe by summer maybe even by the 3rd quart of next year. (maybe just before the end of the word happends too).

I ended up getting the White Premium Box that comes with White Rock Shooter Figma as well.   And this box was BIG! I’ve got other figures with games out of japan but this one has to be the biggest one i’ve got mainly due to those wings…

But as for her, she’s very nice. Some down sides are that she’s not that poseable compared to other figmas and seems like some parts of her are loose. After talking with others who have got her as well, they all tell me similar problems that i’m having. So if you who are reading this happen to get BRStG with WRS let me know if you have the same problem about joins being lose or parts coming off easy.

This game is fun and i cant’ wait to see it in America since then i can play it again and understand it.