Hot headed fireball throwing mage!


Tales of Vesperia could be argued as the best “Tales” game to come out and is one of my favorite games of this┬áseries and of the female characters Rita Morido is my favorite. Alter has also made two other characters, Yuri and Flynn but soon to release Raven later this year. I don’t have a large collection of PVC figures so i tend to be picky when it comes to them so when Rita was released I was late to jump on the band wagon and missed out on getting her, but after a while I manged to snag her for a fair price and in good condition. Something about the art style from the Tales games has always been there from the first game Tales of Destiny and after these many years hasn’t changed but only have improved.

This figure is just well made and painted, as you can see from the photos below that they tried to catch Rita in a natural pose but not to look to intimating since you might know about her ┬átemper and no restraint in casting a fireball at anyone who annoys her. In all of these Alter Tales PVC figures they added in a “Chibi” figure of them as well that could be one of the best bonus items a figure could ever get. I hope they end up releasing the rest of the cast from Tales of Vesperia but until then it’s trying to collect the rest of them so watch out for more reviews if i mange to track them down.


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