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Finally the next chapter to the Tales series has come! But unlike the other games much has changed where it’s still the same great game play and story line but gives you a lot more than you know what to do with. The 1st change was taking away the “TP” (technical points) system and replaced it with the “CC” (Chain Capacity) system. Unlike using TP, CC replenish after you attack, execute staggers or evade enemy attacks so if you set up the right attacks you could unleash some deadly combos. The Artes system also got a nice upgrade breaking them into 2 categories. A-Artes and B-Artes, these 2 can be switched on the fly and both use up CC. A-Artes is your basic attacks and depending on whay you have on your skill tree can change up your attacks while your B-Artes is the special attacks just like in the past games.  Titles now have a role to play on how you want to fight, with over 100+ titles to collect each one gives or enhances skills and artes you can acquire after you get enough SP (Skill Points) after battles, and some titles even gives you costumes from the past Tales games so try to collect them all!

How you can customize your weapons and armor took a new turn too but unlike how most other RPGs synthesis systems work, if you have a favorite weapon your able to upgrade the base stats as much as you like with the Dualize system. When your weapon or armor tempers it leaves Gems that have some of the effects of what you added to them but your also able to combine the Gems as well to equip for even more bonuses try and see what your able to come up with.

The story starts out with a 11 year old boy named Asbel with his little brother Herbert. As you progress through the story you’ll watch them grow up and also change, which is a 1st in the Tales series. But even with all the changes in this game, they were still able to keep the great story, colorful characters and humor I’ve come to know from the past games.

This is a worthwhile to pick up and play if you have a PS3 or have played the past Tales games. But if your looking for a new RPG to play do pick this up.

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