Shirai Kuroko – Figma Review

Adding one more to my Railgun/Index Figma line comes Shirai Kuroko. This figure is bundled with the PSP visual novel To Aru Kagaku no Railgun PSP game and sadly i don’t read enough Japanese to play these games but would love to if i was able to, but due to my illiteracy to the Japanese writing i’ll stick with the figure for now.

Kuroko comes with everything you would expect her to and so lets you pose act and even do what she would normally do in the show or to Misaka. With that said some of the fun things she comes with are as following; 2 extra faces for more character, 2 sets Hand Cuffs one folded in and one folded out that is usable, Darts and Leg Holsters that i didn’t break off the tree since i didn’t wanna lose them, 2 Judgement arm bands, 1 for wearing and the other to show off and the Schoolbag since that’s what she does, go to school.

Getting a chance to pose her and play with her i notice that there was some good quality put into her and it shows when you are playing around with her. She has 2 sets of legs that you can swap for if you want her with or without the leg holsters but what i found funny was that if you take off both her legs her panties fall off. Normally figures has a lower half with either there underwear painted on or what not, but for this one they just made a lower joint system has used ABS plastic to make the panties and can come off if you feel like it. Also for what i think is a bonus item i was given a micofiber cloth of Kuroko glomping Misaka, a very funny and good picture and i like it. But besides that  i say that Kuroko holds true to a good Figma and glad to have her in my collection and to show you what i mean there are pictures!!!

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