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Here comes yet another game by Arc System Works and Atlus from the popular game/anime series, Persona 4 Arena for PS3 and Xbox 360. In it’s first week Persona 4 Arena out sold Blazeblu and Street Fighter 4 in sales, now i know why. I would normally spend a few days playing games so i can get a grasp of how it works then let you know what i thought. P4A i just couldn’t wait to do this review and here’s why. If your familiar how Arc System works or have played any of there games like Blazeblu or Guilty Gear then you’ll pick this up very quick. Following the same mechanics they took the best parts and slapped right into this game not to mention this really is a good pick up and play game, very easy to understand yet can be very technical.

 If your the Persona fan then your in for a treat, the game takes place 2 months after Persona 4 ends and looks like the Midnight Channel is back on air but this time you have to fight your friends to reach your goal. With it’s story mode you think you picked up another Persona game but with the 2d fighting element and the arcade mode is kinda like a mini story mode. But don’t fret for anyone who doesn’t know a thing or has ever played a Persona game, they have added a “Lesson Mode” to take you through the basics of the game and i suggest to play though it not to understand how to play but to get a trophy. And for those who want more of a challenge then you get the “Challenge Mode”. This allows you to test your combo skills to see if your good enough. With 13 characters to choose from and everyone of them very unique you’ll be playing this game for awhile trying to master each character. With buying P4A you get the Soundtrack too and it has a great soundtrack, if your like me you just leave the game idling there listing to the music. If your a fighting game fan then i’m sure you looked into this and might be on the fence to try out, i would say at least rent this game and try it out but if your a fan of the Blazeblu or Guilty Gear games then you’ll find your place with this game.

I highly recommend this game for anyone who likes Persona, Fighters or is just a fan of Anime Styled games we don’t get enough of these here in the states but i hope to see more.


Gameplay Tutorial

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