8bit goodness!


Are you an old school 8 bit fan? Did you like River City Ransom or 2D side scrolling games? Well here’s a game up your ally and ready for combat. Phantom Breaker Battlegrounds is a spin off of the arcade fighting game Phantom Breaker but the real difference is that Battlegrounds is a hack and slash semi RPG 2D side scroll game. Just for 800 Microsoft Points (just around $10 USD) and about 1.56 GBs later you can hop online and battle other players, Co/op with other players or friends or local play with 4 of your friends. With a leader board menu you can see where you rank among other players and friends. And if you need more info you can check out 5bp’s website at (Read more…)

The Manliest of Man come on down!

Here comes yet another game by Arc System Works and Atlus from the popular game/anime series, Persona 4 Arena for PS3 and Xbox 360. In it’s first week Persona 4 Arena out sold Blazeblu and Street Fighter 4 in sales, now i know why. I would normally spend a few days playing games so i can get a grasp of how it works then let you know what i thought. (Read more…)

Crosstown is an indie XboX live game that you can get for 80 Microsoft points. This game really takes it back to the old school days where graphics were simple and for a game to shine it required good game mechanics. It is based on an old Commodore 64 game called Crossroads. It takes it down to even starting off the game showing the player inserting a disk and turning the machine on.

The game play is really simple, you navigate the maze to collect glowing orbs called qreds. When you collect 4 the level ends. Sounds simple enough right? (Read more…)