CES 2015: HISY


Do you like to take selfies? I am usually the guy who has blurry pictures because I can’t hold the phone steady while trying to hit the shutter button. Deedo talks with Erica from HISY, a bluetooth device that may help solve this problem. This might be the perfect solution to get the perfect shot!

You can find more information about HISY here: https://www.hisypix.com


CES 2013 – Day 1: dexim


Have you ever been in the situation where you are writing something down, hear the phone ring and then try to use the pen as a handset? I know that I have done that a few times. Dexim has the solution for this problem, a bluetooth stylus that can also be used as a speaker/headphone jack for music and you can even use it as a handset for your cellphone! Check out the video to find out more about this versatile stylus.

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