LittleBigKast – Episode 70: Spreading our Wings

What’s up every one! Welcome to a really strange episode of LBK. If you were watching the livestream, you would know that the show started off just kind of… awkwardly. But if you did not watch the livestream, then everything will seem normal! Writing these is always fun because I get to reminisce on all of the fun things that happened during the show. Robin set a timer to see how long we (or just Jeff) talked about Destiny. I don’t believe we exceeding 20 minutes! Rachel talks about her journey of starting to raise a Titan. Drew tells us about his manly duty for the week, and Robin admits her plan to take over the world! Not really, but maybe. Ok folks, enjoy!

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What’s up every body, and welcome to another episode of the Destiny show… I mean, the LittleBigKast! Rachel is missing in action in this episode, however Drew, Robin, and Jeff are here to deliver you Sony news! This episode has surprises like Jeff’s feces adventure! Robin makes it to level 34 of Super Exploding Zoo, and Drew gets to play Witcher while also spending time with Peach. This episode you’ll hear a little about Rocket League, PS Plus, but about a solid 30 minutes about Destiny. I guess it’s a busy week for Bungie! All of this and more, welcome every body.

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Rachel here, lying in bed reminiscing the day the four of us sat around a table and talked about video games. Except that was just a few days ago. We are LittleBigKast, and we welcome you to enjoy episode 46. On this week’s episode Drew decides to disappear to push buttons for our show, Robin watches some television and treats her sweet child to some exciting events, Jeff shouts in British accents and gives us his best Hercules muse singing voice, and Rachel just wants to be a mermaid. Our indie game of the week is Apotheon by Alientrap, find out what we thought about the game, all of this and more on this episode of LittleBigKast.

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What even happened this last episode? I don’t even know. Something about travel agents, Rachel is freshly awoken from her pre-podcast nap, Jeff doesn’t know the difference between food restaurants, and THE INDIES HAVE RETURNED. Join us by playing Costume Quest 2 with us this upcoming week. Question of the week is “Where does the Jungle Book take place?” yeah, help us out. We all go over our adventures at FanX as well, so all of this and more, on this episode of LittleBigKast.

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What’s up everybody!  I’ll keep this short because I am SUPER late in getting this post up.  First of all welcome to episode 20 of The LittleBigKast!  In this episode we get into the nitty gritty of Destiny, from pros and cons of the Beta to the rumors of sequels.  I apologize for the episode coming out late, it was my (Jeff’s) fault and I’ll make sure it doesn’t happen in the future.  In the meantime we hope you enjoy episode 20 of The LittleBigKast.