On this episode Rachels BF loses his LBK approval, Jeff gets his man card, Robins mother trips Acid and Drew continues to punish his classes.
For this show we converge on the WSU Studio76 basement in full Quad-Power to catch up and talk gaming! Jeff brought his Beanie, Robin brought the munchies, which no one got to eat, and drew was way late. Between us we played Left 4 Dead, some Dying Light, Costume Quest 2 and attempted some Portal 2. Not a bad week for game consumption.

In the News block we talked about Bethesda heading to (Read more…)

LittleBigKast – Episode 38: Unicorn Farts

The crew settles in to discuss all the important things we need to save the world. We cover the news of the week and then breakdown the “most disappointing games” of last year. Though we tend to disagree pretty readily with the source article from Forbes…. Forbes! What do they know about gaming or gamers?! Listen in to find out.

News from this week was sweet and simple:

  • •Naughty Dog won’t push Uncharted 4 to 60fps if it compromises player experience
  • •Welcome to the Evolve PS4 closed technical test coming Jan 17th!
  • •PlayStation Anniversary Sale Starts Today: 60+ Games Discounted
  • •Destiny Crotas End Hard Mode Coming Jan. 21!


LittleBigKast – Episode 21: #SwagSack

On todays episode Drew drew grabs his swag sack and talks Rocket love, Rachel risks all for a Koala Burger and Jeffs man crush everyday is Chris Pratt. We talk about Destiny more after Drew and Rachel had a chance to play, and then we ask ourselves the question, “What game will it take you to move to the next gen.?”

In the news we talk about these stories:… (Read more…)