We got a chance to take a look at the brand new DLC for Wingspan Digital! The European Expansion adds new birds and abilities to the base Wingspan game! Watch the video below to see my first time playing the new DLC! I really love this game!

Wingspan European Expansion DLC is out now! You can get it here. Big thanks to Monster Couch for providing early access to the DLC.


I made a post about this game a while back but now it’s release date is out for March 15th 2013. So as long as the world doesn’t end on December 21 2012 we all can enjoy the next chapter in the Neptunia Universe. More from Nisa’s press release. (Read more…)

First Look: Kindle Fire

Here is my unboxing of the brand new Kindle Fire from Amazon.com! Take a look at the video below and a full review of it will be coming soon.