If your a fighting game fan then i’m sure you’ve come across Tekken. Now they have released a movie based in the Tekken universe. For some of  you who know of or like this franchise there are some elements might confuse you so here’s the plot!

The story takes place from the games Tekken 5 and 6 where Anna sets up a ambush on Nina who is currently working with the new head of the Mishima Zaibatsu, Jin Kazuma. Anna on the other hand, works for Jin’s father the  rival organization, G Corporation. Both are seeking information about a student named Shin Kamiya, and Anna dispatches Ling  Xiaoyu to act as a spy, while Jin sends humanoid robot Alisa Bosconovitch for a similar purpose. I’m not going to get any further into the story since from here it really opens up and get kinda good. The movie is done in complete 3D from the Tekken 6 game engine and also features a 3D view mode for all of you who might have a 3D Blu-ray player and 3D TV.

If you just read this and haven’t got this yet it gets better! This comes as a package called Tekken Hybrid. It’s a Blu-ray bundle with Tekken Tag HD and Tekken Tag 2 Prologue. Both games are downloads to your PS3 HD and can play it from there but getting a sneak peak at Tekken Tag 2 is a sweet deal.  There are Trophies you can get from both Tekken Tag and Tag 2 so you don’t get to bored playing a 10 year old game over and over. The updated graphics on Tekken Tag are very nice but you can still see the old character models so its more like a blast from the past for me. Playing Tekken Tag 2 you are only given 4 characters, Devil Kazuma, Devil Jin, Alisa and Xiaoyu. Unlike it’s old version there are more tag moves you can use for the characters and more combinations and variations for tagging, it’s sad that i couldn’t get to really play more into it since your only able to play up to 4-5 stages. If your a Tekken fan or just wanna get it for the movie both are worth it.