Pixel Bullet Hell, Neptunia Shooter Review

Shmup It Up

Simple games deserve more than a simple review. Like most bullet-hell style games, Neptunia Shooter has you avoiding getting hit while shooting oncoming enemies as you progress to the boss. Blast through six 8-bit stages mowing down pixel dogoos, while remembering to try and not get hit.

Choose Your Ammunition!

What sets Neptunia Shooter from other bullet-hell games is the progression. Start your shmup adventure with only Neptune. After defeating a boss, there will be a Goddess that will join your party. Each Goddess will have different shooting patterns. You will need to utilize the different Goddess combinations to clear each level and beat the final boss.

Who Will Claim Victory?

What better way to brag than displaying your high scores on a leaderboard? With Steam online leaderboards, players can show off their skills or challenge friends to find out who can get higher scores on the six different levels!

Final Thoughts

Neptunia Shooter a simple game but still worth playing if you want to have fun between heavier games, or just want some mindless entertainment. It’s worth the 5 dollars for hours of 8-bit shooting mayhem.

Neptunia Shooter is available now on Steam.


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If your a fighting game fan then i’m sure you’ve come across Tekken. Now they have released a movie based in the Tekken universe. For some of  you who know of or like this franchise there are some elements might confuse you so here’s the plot!

The story takes place from the games Tekken 5 and 6 where Anna sets up a ambush on Nina who is currently working with the new head of the Mishima Zaibatsu, Jin Kazuma. Anna on the other hand, works for Jin’s father the  rival organization, G Corporation. Both are seeking information about a student named Shin Kamiya, and Anna dispatches Ling  Xiaoyu to act as a spy, while Jin sends humanoid robot Alisa Bosconovitch for a similar purpose. I’m not going to get any further into the story since from here it really opens up and get kinda good. The movie is done in complete 3D from the Tekken 6 game engine and also features a 3D view mode for all of you who might have a 3D Blu-ray player and 3D TV.

If you just read this and haven’t got this yet it gets better! This comes as a package called Tekken Hybrid. It’s a Blu-ray bundle with Tekken Tag HD and Tekken Tag 2 Prologue. Both games are downloads to your PS3 HD and can play it from there but getting a sneak peak at Tekken Tag 2 is a sweet deal.  There are Trophies you can get from both Tekken Tag and Tag 2 so you don’t get to bored playing a 10 year old game over and over. The updated graphics on Tekken Tag are very nice but you can still see the old character models so its more like a blast from the past for me. Playing Tekken Tag 2 you are only given 4 characters, Devil Kazuma, Devil Jin, Alisa and Xiaoyu. Unlike it’s old version there are more tag moves you can use for the characters and more combinations and variations for tagging, it’s sad that i couldn’t get to really play more into it since your only able to play up to 4-5 stages. If your a Tekken fan or just wanna get it for the movie both are worth it.

Battle for the Holy Grail on PSP

Have you ever wondered what would happen if you combined,  the Fate/Stay Night series, a JRPG, and Rock Paper Scissors?? You get Fate Extra.

I’ve had about a week to play this and i was going to write about this after i put more time into it but i really think that i need to write about it before i have my 1st real battle.  BUT 1st the plot!

PLOT; Waking up in a strange virtual world with no recollection of the past, the main character is forced in fight for survival in a war they do not understand for a prize beyond value; the opportunity to have one’s wish granted. With only an enigmatic “Servant” by there side, the protagonist will have to face both friends and foes in battles to the death in order to not only gain possession of the mysterious object known as the “Holy Grail”. But also to fine the answer to the most important question of all; “Who i’m I?”

 So a quick run down of the game since i don’t want to give to much away. Rock, Paper, Scissors; the basic battle system goes as such. But don’t think that it’s easy, you have Attack, Defend and Break. Break “breaks” Defend, Attack “breaks” Break, Defend “breaks” Attacks. You get 6 commands to enter before the round starts and you have to choose what you think will be the best strategy, when you land 3 hits you get an “extra attack”.

When you start the game i got this Persona feel to it since you have so many days to complete some tasks or objectives. But unlike the how the Fate/Stay Night went, there isn’t just 7 Masters but there are alot. And it goes into a Tournament style set up where you get 6 days to get info about your opponent and find there weakness. If you find out enough about them it makes it easier to read there moves.

Nifty things about this game is that there are multiple ways to play, endings, and story lines. So if you did something wrong, wanted to not use skills when you should have or just didn’t want the Servant that you picked. You can choose different ways to play and the replay value is very, very, very good.

If your a Fate/Stay Night fan, JRPG, or just Type Moon in general, pick this up. It might be hard to find since it kinda limited release but well worth it if you can find it. You can get it off the PSN and Download it to your PSP if you can’t find a copy in stores, but you miss out on the cool things you can get with the Limited Edition. Art Book, Soundtrack and a very shiny box!! But do check this out, a very clean looking game, fun game play and it’s a Type Moon game!

Black Rock Shooter the Game PSP Review.

I just got BRStG yesterday and had a chance to charge my PSP and play it for a few hours to get a feel for the game. And i like it, it’s only hard since i can’t read any of the letters… After going back to my PSP after… well it’s been awhile since i last played it and for a PSP game it’s very nice looking. The battle system is easy to use even when you can’t read the menu or anything really… Game play is also smooth and very clean, plus the intro was done very well.

I’ve only put in like 2-3 hours into and got 2 of the power ups so far but i’m loving this game for what it is. America don’t look sad when it seems like i’m the only having fun with this game, NIS America as announced that Black Rock Shooter the Game will be coming to America, though that TBA. From what i know if NIS and how they work there games, if they don’t try and do a dubbing for it (i hope they don’t) we can see it out by the end of the year, but if they do try to dub it then maybe by summer maybe even by the 3rd quart of next year. (maybe just before the end of the word happends too).

I ended up getting the White Premium Box that comes with White Rock Shooter Figma as well.   And this box was BIG! I’ve got other figures with games out of japan but this one has to be the biggest one i’ve got mainly due to those wings…

But as for her, she’s very nice. Some down sides are that she’s not that poseable compared to other figmas and seems like some parts of her are loose. After talking with others who have got her as well, they all tell me similar problems that i’m having. So if you who are reading this happen to get BRStG with WRS let me know if you have the same problem about joins being lose or parts coming off easy.

This game is fun and i cant’ wait to see it in America since then i can play it again and understand it.