Woot.com Birthday Bag of Crap Opening 7/11/2014

If you didn’t know, my birthday is in July and so is Woot.com’s! Time to celebrate with a birthday bag of crap! Find out what I got in the video below:

Also there is still time to get this Month’s Lootcrate! The theme is heroes! You can sign up here: http://mbsy.co/lootcrate/2932095

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Computers.Woot.com Bag of Crap Opening 6/2/2014

Wow it has been a few years (almost exactly 2 to be exact) since my last Woot.Com Bag of Crap Opening! Yes it has taken me this long to get another bag of crap! This bag of crap was in celebration of Woot launching Computers.Woot.Com! What did I get? Watch the video to find out!

Also there is still time to get this Month’s Lootcrate! The theme is Transformers! You can sign up here: http://mbsy.co/lootcrate/2932095

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Woot.com Bag of Crap Opening 7/12/2012

My Bag of Crap from Woot’s Birthday on 7-12-2012! This one was a different one because there was no WootOff going on and you had to get the buy link from their Twitter or Facebook page! Sorry for no HD on this one… Wirecast screwed up the local recording…

The bag of crap included:

1 Sunflower Bag
1 4GB Centron Flash Drive
1 Procrastination Spitball Dartboard
1 Vortex Portable Mixer (with 2 AAA Batteries!)
1 3pc Set of Leopard Knives
1 Box of 12 Recycled Nike Golf Balls
1 Medium Green Woot Shirt

Another Bag of Crap! I’m on a good roll this year!

The bag of crap included:

1 Black duffel bag with strap
1 Blank Navy Blue T-Shirt
1 Set of Flu and germ protection supplies
1 Set of 12 Bar Crawl Bingo Cards
4 Shea Butter Balm in Retail Packaging
1 Terrific Turkey Timer
1 UltiMotion Motion Control Video Game

*Bonus Video!*

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Woot.com Bag of Crap Opening 3/22/2012

Guess who got another Bag of Crap?! Check out what I got in this recent haul!

The bag of crap included:

1 Small Black Duffel Bag
1 Pet Basics Pet Blanket
1 Fun Foot Flush
1 Medium The Toasty Rodger T-Shirt
1 25FT Tape Measure
1 LifeGear Glow 200 Hour Flashlight
1 Pink Smart Planet Small Collapsible Eco Lunchbox
1 Smart Planet Eco Oasis Foldable Water Bottle
1 Smart Planet Eco Green Coffee Cup
1 Smart Planet The Eco Cold Drink Cup
1 Pink Smart Planet Large Collapsible Eco Lunch Box

To see my other mystery box openings head over to my Youtube page:



Woot.com Bag of Crap Opening 1/19/2012

Another Woot-off and I got lucky enough to get another Bag of Crap! Want to know what I got? Check out the video to see!

The bag of crap included:

12 Packages of Glowbars with 2 bars per package in various colors.
1 XL Brown Fruit of the Loom BEST T-Shirt
1 Toy Jig Saw w Swiss Army Knife
1 Spitball Enemies Dartboard
1 Cafe Bing Card Set
1 Toy Tools Set
1 125 Bucky Cube Set
1 Small Red Duffle Bag with strap

To see my other mystery box openings head over to my Youtube page:



Woot! Santa’s Sack of Crap Opening 12-25-2011

I got my hands on this year’s Woot.com Santa’s Sack of Crap. What makes it different from a normal Bag of Crap? Well nothing really other than them calling it a different name and it being on Christmas. So here is another awesome mystery box opening and I hope you guys enjoy it!

The items I got were:

1 4ft Philips HDMI Cable
1 Green Snuggie
1 Brown Egyptian Cotton Towel
1 D-Link Wireless-N Notebook Adapter
2 Small red duffle bags

If you want to see some of my older mystery box openings just head on over here:


Woot.com Bag of Crap Opening 11/19/2011

Many of you who read the website knows that I’m a big follower of Woot.com and I love to try and get their bag of crap. Here is my most recent bag of crap I got from the 11-9-2011 Wootoff! Make sure you check it out to see all the random stuff I got.

Here is a list of what I got in the box:

1 Discovery Kids Dinnerware design kit.
1 Tiger stripped Woot! Monkey
1 USB Guard Dog
1 Breo Skin Watch
1 Baywatch Barbie Pink Backpack

Also if you want to see some of my older mystery box/bag of crap openings you can see them here:


Better Late Than Never

Usually when talking about your future plans it is usually for New Years or something drastically changed in your life. Why am I doing it now? Simply it’s because I haven’t had time until now (I actually don’t have time right now I just wanted to take a break from studying). I also just wanted to put this down before I forget what I was going to do and do something entirely different. Now off and away we go into my mind!

So what now? Well if you have been following me on twitter or on my lifestream you probably know that I am working on a website right now. Yes 1337 lines is one of my new projects I have decided to work on. The funny thing is I have always said I should write a book that consists of geeky pickup lines. Then I thought to myself that a website would be so much easier to do. (Read more…)

Trying out something new

I have always been wanted to try out this blogging thing. I did manage to do it once on live journal (which I think still exists). The problem was that I really didn’t get into it because I never could think of content. So here I am trying to start anew. The actual reason for trying to do this again is because I wanted to try out Weebly (which really rocks! Expect a review of it soon!). I noticed they had a blog feature which renewed my interest in blogging. So here we are the first post in the blog. I’m not really sure what is going to end up here, maybe a few reviews or random thoughts I get. I do have a feeling many of my random thoughts that are too long for twitter will end up here. If you guys have any suggestions for the site and blog feel free to contact me. I am always looking for ways to improve!

I’m also thinking of buying a domain name. Help me decide by voting to your right! Thanks!


Fixed a few grammar mistakes. I just learned I can’t blog and do other things at the same time very well! Thanks dmax.