Deadpool Draft Cheat Sheet


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Draft Cheat Sheet

Written by Zacgree

This is a little cheat sheet that Double Burst has come up with to help you out in your drafts. It lists our favorite cards in the set and a little reminder on how they can help you win your draft. That way no matter what you pull in your packs you can find something that works for you. Good luck!!

You can also download a printer friendly version of the Cheat Sheet here.


Agent Carter: KO’d sidekicks go to bag – clog the bag (Careful of your own being KO’d)

Blind Al: Deal 1 damage when taking combat damage – good blocker

Domino: Extra reroll – good stats

Evil Deadpool: KO Sidekick or DP die when KO’d from combat damage

Hit Monkey: Fast with low-ish cost

Kidpool: Good stats on DP team

Lockjaw: 2 damage to opponent’s character board clear

Medusa: Block 2 dice with Deadly

MODOK: Control opponents reroll and spinning of dice

Motorcycle: Buff die, global to remove blocked die (Good with Deadly)

Negasonic Teenage Warhead: Good aggro stats and possible level 3

Outlaw: Aggro, low attack – needs buff or Transfer Power global

Scarlet Witch: Stats, move fist die from opponents prep to bag

Shiklah: Big defense with dice in prep

Stepford Cuckoos: Endgame clear last couple blockers

Storm: Situational – change ? to bolt, ok stats, cheap



Agent Carter: Sidekick control – All sidekicks (including yours) cost 1 more to field

Elektra: Unblockable by non-DP unless opponent spends one energy

Fantomex: Can only be blocked by villains or opponent moves a die from prep area to bag

Flying Car: Buffs multiples of character dice when another one is fielded

Free Chimichangas: +2D and Deadly

Hit Monkey: Direct damage (buff him)

Motorcycle: Return dice blocked and KO’d

Negasonic Teenage Warhead: Attack to get level 3 & Fast with underdog

Stepford Cuckoos: Die removal and dice to prep

Storm: Opponents can’t reroll basic actions

Wolverine: Buff DP die, decent stats

X-23: Beefy Character with regenerate



Angel Dust: Low Defense. Board clear when blocking

Black Bolt: Force blockers with Deadly attacker

Blind Al: Cheap if you let damage come though

Bob, Agent of Hydra: DP dice can’t be targeted by actions

Elektra: Cheap. 2 and under cost can’t be targeted by globals

Evil Deadpool: Back for More: KO Sidekick or DP die

Flying Car: Deal damage as if unblocked

Lockjaw: Life gain and small buff

Madame Hydra: Deal 3 damage to both players unless move a die from prep

Miguel O’Hara: Fast, Back For More: deal 1 to opponent

Negasonic Teenage Warhead: Deadly with Underdog

Sandi Brandenburg: Change the DP die target to her

Satchel of Unlimited Weaponry: Lots of action dice = lots of damage

Shiklah: Move a Sidekick from used pile to prep area once a turn

Storm: Deal 1 damage each time you use an action


Super Rares:

X-23 SR: Use with Stepford Cuckoos

Lady Deadpool SR: Double actions

Multiple Man SR: Swarm, max 6, cheap, good stats

Captain America SR: Deal damage w/ action and global

Wolverine SR: Deal damage when opponents dice are KO’d


Be sure to also checkout our DP Draft Guide for more details and strategy on drafting in this set.

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