Better Late Than Never

Usually when talking about your future plans it is usually for New Years or something drastically changed in your life. Why am I doing it now? Simply it’s because I haven’t had time until now (I actually don’t have time right now I just wanted to take a break from studying). I also just wanted to put this down before I forget what I was going to do and do something entirely different. Now off and away we go into my mind!

So what now? Well if you have been following me on twitter or on my lifestream you probably know that I am working on a website right now. Yes 1337 lines is one of my new projects I have decided to work on. The funny thing is I have always said I should write a book that consists of geeky pickup lines. Then I thought to myself that a website would be so much easier to do. After a few weeks of work the beta of the site is now up and ready to go here. I really do hope people enjoy the site because I’m having a blast working on it and reading lines other people have come up with.

Also another thing that I am going to really push and try to grow is TechKaraokeSLC. I must say that karaoke is one of the best stress relievers I have found. So far things have been looking very good. Every time we have a meeting the group seems to get bigger and bigger. Many people always give me the “I can’t sing” bit about karaoke, but they obviously haven’t heard me try to sing at all. That isn’t the point of karaoke, the point of karaoke is to have fun! I have seen it countless times where people take a chance and after the first song they are in love with karaoke. After every event I go home with a smile on my face because I had fun and so did the people who were at the event. I want to make this even bigger so people will have a new way to relieve some stress and meet some of the most interesting people in Utah.

Last but not least is that I want to focus on this blog a bit more. I only have a few posts when I started this and then there was just a long silence until know. I can promise you there will be more posts in here ranging from just about everything. Most of you know how random my mind is and how it can just be all over the place. So expect more blog posts like this, tech reviews and whatever else that comes to my mind where I say, “I think I should blog this!” I am also thinking of making a podcast that would be a companion to some of these posts but we shall see what comes out of that. As always for my shorter thoughts of craziness check out my twitter (@ktdata) because that’s where I stick any short one liner or I might even expand a tweet into a blog post, to be honest I don’t even know.

One thing I am keeping in mind is that all of this is a way for me to relieve stress and to get away from all the constant studying I do, but school is still my number on priority. Some of you might not know this but I am latterly inches away from my goal that I set years ago in 3rd grade to make it to the University of Utah’s medical school.  Just like everything else on here I am very passionate about that I am very determined to reach my goal. So if I do disappear for long spurts again will know that it’s probably something related to this.

So here we are the major plans that I have for the year 2010. It’s not always going to be a smooth ride but I know that it will be a fun one. I know that whatever happens will happen and I’ll just need to keep on trekking forward. I hope you haven’t fallen asleep reading this and never make it to this part. To anyone still there I just got a few words for you, thanks you are amazing.

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