Google+: Real Name Or Leave It!… Right?

Note: totally copied and pasted this from my G+ account and added a image to the top of the post.

Is it me or does it remind you of “America, Love it or Leave It!” when you see all these pro “real name” people on G+ say “If you don’t like Google’s real name policy then don’t use G+!” Can we please drop this kind of thinking?
As you probably can tell I’m a fan of using my pseudonyms on G+. People say that using pseudonyms promotes trolling. I ask you if any of my posts are what you consider trolling. Using the pseudonyms promoting trolling idea would mean this entire post is really me trolling you right? (Read more…)

Better Late Than Never

Usually when talking about your future plans it is usually for New Years or something drastically changed in your life. Why am I doing it now? Simply it’s because I haven’t had time until now (I actually don’t have time right now I just wanted to take a break from studying). I also just wanted to put this down before I forget what I was going to do and do something entirely different. Now off and away we go into my mind!

So what now? Well if you have been following me on twitter or on my lifestream you probably know that I am working on a website right now. Yes 1337 lines is one of my new projects I have decided to work on. The funny thing is I have always said I should write a book that consists of geeky pickup lines. Then I thought to myself that a website would be so much easier to do. (Read more…)

Social Cycle

Has anyone ever noticed that we as humans tend to go through social cycles? You are probably wondering what in the world am I talking about. I will try my best to explain what I mean. Take for an example you are in a new social setting, such as starting a new semester at school. You meet people and then after a bit you start to socialize with a regular group of people. The socializing keeps going on for an amount of time that varies from a few weeks to years. Then you start to drift away from the group of people that you socialize with, until eventually you hardly are in contact with any of them. That is the general idea of what I mean when I say social cycle.

Does that situation sound familiar to anyone? I know I have gone through a few social cycles myself. What I noticed is that it happens more often online. I think that social cycles occur more frequently online because of things like chat rooms, instant messaging and twitter. All these tools offer ways of communicating with someone immediately.  They also bring together people who have common interests from different places that normally would not be possible offline.

An example of a social cycle I experienced was when I first started using the Internet. (Read more…)

Trying out something new

I have always been wanted to try out this blogging thing. I did manage to do it once on live journal (which I think still exists). The problem was that I really didn’t get into it because I never could think of content. So here I am trying to start anew. The actual reason for trying to do this again is because I wanted to try out Weebly (which really rocks! Expect a review of it soon!). I noticed they had a blog feature which renewed my interest in blogging. So here we are the first post in the blog. I’m not really sure what is going to end up here, maybe a few reviews or random thoughts I get. I do have a feeling many of my random thoughts that are too long for twitter will end up here. If you guys have any suggestions for the site and blog feel free to contact me. I am always looking for ways to improve!

I’m also thinking of buying a domain name. Help me decide by voting to your right! Thanks!


Fixed a few grammar mistakes. I just learned I can’t blog and do other things at the same time very well! Thanks dmax.