Crosstown is an indie XboX live game that you can get for 80 Microsoft points. This game really takes it back to the old school days where graphics were simple and for a game to shine it required good game mechanics. It is based on an old Commodore 64 game called Crossroads. It takes it down to even starting off the game showing the player inserting a disk and turning the machine on.

The game play is really simple, you navigate the maze to collect glowing orbs called qreds. When you collect 4 the level ends. Sounds simple enough right? Well then you add in flashing creature things that may or may not be friendly. The higher you go the more creatures appear on the board and they all have different powers. Fear not! You are armed with a laser that can both shoot down walls and monsters. With your toga and laser you will fend through 40 different levels of this game! The simplicity of the game and gradual increase of difficulty kind of reminds me of how Plants vs Zombies gets you addicted to the game. Check out the YouTube video for some game play and the cool intro.

Graphically the game stays true to its 8-bit goodness. When the creatures are destroyed they make this giant halo of broken bits around them that look like fireworks. There is a beauty in the explosions that reminds me of Geometry Wars like shooters except in 8-bit graphics, which makes it that much cooler. I really like how the creators kept attention to making it feel like a classic game. I never played Crossroads but I can say that when compared next to each other they would both have a similar feel.

Now you are probably going, “Well KT that’s all fine and dandy about the game, but do you recommend the game?” My answer to that question is that if you are fans of shoot ‘em ups’ and retro like games spend the 80 Microsoft points and get it! If you just have a need to spend 80 Microsoft points then get it just to meet Piggy, the computer AI that guides you through the game. I have to say that the in-between conversations that you have with Piggy are almost as fun as playing the game itself. If you want to get the game check out the link below that will take you directly to the Xbox live buy page!

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