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Are you an old school 8 bit fan? Did you like River City Ransom or 2D side scrolling games? Well here’s a game up your ally and ready for combat. Phantom Breaker Battlegrounds is a spin off of the arcade fighting game Phantom Breaker but the real difference is that Battlegrounds is a hack and slash semi RPG 2D side scroll game. Just for 800 Microsoft Points (just around $10 USD) and about 1.56 GBs later you can hop online and battle other players, Co/op with other players or friends or local play with 4 of your friends. With a leader board menu you can see where you rank among other players and friends. And if you need more info you can check out 5bp’s website at http://5pb.jp/games/pbbg/en/info.html.

Phantom Breaker Battlegrounds plays on 2 platforms that you can jump between with either pressing down X2 times on the controller or hitting the left bumper. You have 4 attacks and can preform combos and attacks will vary with the push of the dirction pad;

X Button) Light attacks

Y Button) Medium attacks

B Button) Hard attacks

A Button) SP attacks

This game also has a Level Up mode where at every lvl you get skill points and can be used on a skill tree. One draw back to this is that there isn’t much of a path but more of what you want with the points you have at the time, by the time your lvl’d up it should be full. Additionally to this you can increase you stats with these points as well.


Story! Yes I could have wrote it out but this is much more amusing!!


In battlegrounds local play you have up to 4 modes you can play,

Story Mode: Unfold the mystery behind what in the word your playing and in this mode you can unlock more characters for the other modes.. You only have up to 4 playable characters,

Arcade Mode: It’s the basic story mode but with out the conversations of all the characters but in this mode you can play the unlocked characters M, Cocoa, Infinity Nagi and Krisu.





Nagi Kumon


And the new DLC Kurisu Makise that will be released March 12th for 400 MSP and the level cap will raise to 99


Co-Op Mode: Go online and play with 2-4 other players and go through the arcade mode.


BattleGrounds Mode: A battle royal between you and 3 other plays with any of the selectable characters.


Over all the game is fun and has a lot replay value since you can lvl each character and for only 800 MSP it’s worth to pick up and play for a hack and slash kinda fighting game, but I do recommend this game if your a fan for the 8 bit games or 2D side scrolls, although this game isn’t for everyone since it’s kinda short on game play. Maybe with later updates they will add in more levels.

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