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In this episode of the LittleBigKast Drew and Robin shirk their professorial duties, Rachel takes up hibernation and nearly misses the show, and Jeff keeps his intro to under 8 minutes for the first time ever! For the news we discuss Playstation’s huge 20th year anniversary. We reminisce a bit about our first Playstation experiences, we hypothesize about the effect of Playstation Vue and the cable cutter culture. And finally we spend quite a bit of time wondering what the hell happened to Ubisoft. #microtransactions

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The LittleBigKast just got a sexier!  Welcome @RobinHaislett to the LBK Crew!  Robin has a solid history of gaming academic research. She does a lot of research on “independent game developers and their force in the game industry.” Adding her to the LBK Crew probably makes us the most ‘educated’ gaming podcast out there!
This week we talk about Dragon Age: Inquisition, Far Cry 4, Drive Club and of course Destiny. On this episode: video games bring families together, Jeff rolls his RRRsss, Robin skylanders and Rachel goes hard on puns…Drew just sat at home grading papers. #education

For the news we got you covered!

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LittleBigKast – Episode 30: Share It All

What’s up every body? Welcome to another late night episode of the LittleBigKast. Drew spends his whole weekend being a successful professor, and helping with a 72 Hour Film Festival, and yes it is about hobos. Jeff talks about his travels to Chicago, and how delicious a pizza pie is. Jeff also talks about some television shows that are consuming his time. And Rachel…. well…. her Warlock is still a level 15, how sad.

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Hey everybody! Episode 26 is another shorty, but goody. Jeff explains how to play Destiny while traveling half away across the country. #BecauseDestiny Also, on this ‘sode, Rachel gave in and buys herself the pretty Glacier White PS4, and it is only mere days before Drew gives in, to buy his own PS4. Oh, and Rachel may be naked on this episode.

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Rachel’s back, say what? Listen to her mention some of her adventure to koala-land. Watch Drew dance in ice and Skittles. You also get to learn where Drew gets all of his fashionable clothes. Jeff talks about how much he peed himself while playing the teaser to Guillermo del Toro’s upcoming version of Silent Hill. KT makes a guest appearance to explain his feelings towards Amazon purchasing Twitch, and why can’t hackers JUST LEAVE SONY ALONE.


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What’s up everybody, and join us for the 17th episode of the LittleBigKast. On this show, we all discuss some of our favorite things on Naughty Dog’s Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune as our “non-indie” game of the week. What els happens in this show? Drew puts his kids down, Jeff is preparing a months worth of Velveeta dinner, and Jeff and Rachel talk smack on the goody-two shoes, Drew. All of this and more on this episode of the LittleBigKast.

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Hey everybody! Guess who has grown up past the awkward preteen stage, and moved on to the awkward teenager stage? You guessed it, it’s us, the LittleBigKast! We’re pumped to bring you this weeks episode, where Jeff talks 70% of it, Drew still hates zombies, and Rachel almost dies due to a previous cold. We were glad to bring “Godzirra” into this week’s episode, and well, Rachel didn’t get an invite to a pool party. Good thing everyone there got sunburned like crazy. Our indie game of the week was Lone Survivor, and no one really had a lot to say about it… All of this and more, on this week’s episode of the LittleBigKast!


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LittleBigKast – Episode 6: Juice Sacks

What’s up everybody, welcome to the sixth episode of the LittleBigKast! This week’s Indie Game of the Week is Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons, and man was that game… dark. The game controls were so unique, and the story was definitely a tale we will never forget. What else is going on in our lives? Well, Rachel has started reading American Psycho, Jeff goes hard on some Infamous, and Drew plays Candy Crush to…. well…. “kill time.” Our news for the week deals with Playstation Plus’s new deals and releases for the month of April, discussion of The Last of Us coming out for the PS4, playing some old school PS1 and PS2 games on newer generation consoles, and a couple of other great stuff. So, sit back, relax, and listen to us laugh at ourselves.



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Here’s the 5th chapter of the Soul Calibur game and of them, Soul Calibur 5 feels like a reboot for the series, so with this in mind i was expecting some changes to how the game plays and the battle system but what i got was less than i was hoping. I’ve been playing this franchise since the arcade days of Soul Edge and it has come quite the ways, with there high marker arguably Soul Calibur 2, the 5th installment just fell slightly short.  Here’s what i mean. (Read more…)