The LittleBigKast just got a sexier!  Welcome @RobinHaislett to the LBK Crew!  Robin has a solid history of gaming academic research. She does a lot of research on “independent game developers and their force in the game industry.” Adding her to the LBK Crew probably makes us the most ‘educated’ gaming podcast out there!
This week we talk about Dragon Age: Inquisition, Far Cry 4, Drive Club and of course Destiny. On this episode: video games bring families together, Jeff rolls his RRRsss, Robin skylanders and Rachel goes hard on puns…Drew just sat at home grading papers. #education

For the news we got you covered!

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LittleBigKast – Episode 27: Tired and Wired

Reunited, and it feels so good. Remember when we always sat around this table and physically communicated to each other? I do, and it feels good to be back. On this episode Rachel goes on another tattoo rant, Jeff complains about VLOOKUP, and spreadsheets (who wouldn’t). We also discuss the OFFICIAL animal of Scotland.  Master Drew also prevents Rachel from spending her life in prison. We also finally go over up to episode 3 of The Wolf Among Us.  Join us for this episode of LBK!

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On todays show we are joined by special guest soon-to-be- Dr. Robin Haislett who spills the beans on gender roles in Final Fantasy VII, Drew basks in the plush ball pit of KTs anime collection, and Jeff bemoans the loss of Snow White’s head. We talk about the first episode of TellTale’s game The Wolf Among Us and cover the topic of feminism in gaming.

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