Come one, come all, to the 56th episode of the LittleBigKast. This episode had absolutely NO mistakes, and recording went smoothly and perfectly. (This is a lie, and only our Twitch watchers know the truth.) On this episode, Robin has been transformed into a man named Glenn! AKA she’s out of town and Glenn is substituting. However, Glenn brought a hamburger cake because RACHEL TURNED 22, YAY. Jeff goes on possibly the shortest Destiny rant ever recorded, but he is still interrupting every so often. Drew goes on a romantic date to Gamestop, and Glenn has the highest Witcher character out of all of us. Our Indie Game is Road Not taken, and oh– FALLOUT 4. Welcome everybody.


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  • Fallout 4 teaser trailer! (link)
  • Miyazaki and Dark Souls 3? (link)
  • 1 TB PS hardrive. (link)
  • Playstation returns some cash. (link)
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