So many good things happen on Wednesday!  It’s Hump-day, it’s bologna and cheese day at the old-folks home AND it’s LBK’s Show Recording day! This week we let Jeff hang with the In-laws on a beach with a Kite… and we Hijack the show! Robin gets all philosophical about Borderlands Pre-Sequel, Rachel dreams of a seal clubbing.. OK not really. She just wants a world like Animal Crossing…with a little more violence. Drew pulls out the $5 words like Panache  and we have a special guest.. Leon!!


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Field trips, Mad Max, Witcher 3, and marathon running? Yes. The answer to that question is yes.

The love of all things gaming permeate through the week’s activities for the Kast. Robin and Drew reminisce fondly about running the dreaded relay marathon in the middle of a freakin’ downpour and all the people running off to pee in the woods, Jeff loses his mind about the House of Wolves expansion, and we expose Rachel as not knowing all the lyrics to the “Duck Tales” theme song.

Our Indie Game of the Week is the ever-entertaining Rogue Legacy. Want to know what we thought about it? Zip over to 40:48 to hear Drew sing…and talk about the game, too.  I even give backup jazz hands.

In an impressive feat, the whole Kast all attended an exclusive screening (not really, it was $5 Tuesdays at the theater) of Mad Max: Fury Road and we all agreed it was all that and a bag of warm, buttery popcorn. We then retired to all play Witcher 3 and compare progress in the game. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, this is our summer lives (not really, but we can dream).

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Welcome to the third episode The LittleBigKast, the official Playstation podcast of the KtData network. Today Jeff, Drew, and Rachel  discuss what they’re playing, get into the latest in Sony news and discuss whether or not digital downloads should be cheaper than physical media.  All this and more, on this episode of The LittleBigKast.

Also, Jeff will be getting  a Battlefield 4 Platoon put together so message him if you want to join! Contact him on  The LittleBigKast twitter @LittleBigKast or through the PSN: MRHOX or contact him directly on Twitter @JeffHawkes.


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The LittleBigKast – Episode 02: What’s a Blockbuster?


Welcome back to The LittleBigKast the official PlayStation podcast of the KtData network! On this episode of The LittleBigKast we go way back and discuss the days when you could rent PlayStations from your local Blockbuster (RIP), we also get into some of our favorite game series from  Kingdom Hearts, and Mass Effect to Lunar: The Silver Star.
As usual we are also covering the latest in Sony news and rumors. This week we mourn the loss of Irrational Games, and discuss the rumor that we may be seeing the Sony VR Headset at this years GDC. All that and more on this edition of The LittleBigKast.

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