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Black Rock Shooter the Game Figma

It’s been one hell of a year and on the last day i got Black Rock Shooter the Game Figma. Of all the Figmas i’ve got over the past year this one i wasn’t expecting to be all that great from all the pictures and ads i’ve seen since she was announced and released but after i got her she turned out to be a great buy.

From the original BRS to BRStG version they in my opinion made her more proportioned, looks better and doesn’t have as much shiny clothing like her hands and coat. The wings on her back do get in the way and isn’t as movable as i would hope for but does come off very easy so if they do get in the way just remove them, plus the smaller wings also move as well. This version on BRS is a bit taller as well and well has a very big belt buckle, I don’t know why this caught my attention  but i felt i should mention this. Some of her draw backs would be the front hair piece and face. Normally when you take off the front hair piece the face doesn’t come off but with her the face sits loose on the face base but as long as the front hair piece is on that doesn’t really matter, it’s more of a observation than a real flaw. The hands are very tight as well, so if you got her you know what i mean. When you place the new hands in the arm sockets they feel like if you try move or remove them, it’s almost like your going to break the hand off it’s peg. (I do recommend being careful with them.)

Over all this version on BRS i like better and i hope to use her in future projects, at least until the end of the month were there will be another version of BRS coming out with the Art Book “BLK”. I hope you come back when it comes out and read on what i find out about the new version and this neat art book! Oh yes i must mention that i noticed i have way to many black things on my desk and a lot of the pictures kinda of blended in, so i’m sorry about the shots, i’m hoping to set up a real place to take pictures in the future.

Rain Coat Monkey Suruga Kanbaru Figma!

Here we have the 4th Figma in the Bakemonogatari line. And of all 4 of them i think this one shows the best show case. One of the better features i found on Suruga is that she comes with her basketball so this can go well with very sporty shots, and  a cloth rain coat and this does have some good and bad features as well.

The Good!

It can go on just about any Figmas with very little to no problems. And it looks good too, so i’m hoping Max Factory will make more Figmas with cloth as part of the figure.

The Bad!

It’s all one piece. I thought that the rain coat might open up with velcro, but i was wrong. So as i’m getting ready to put it on i almost ripped the seams thinking it was velcro. Boy would i have been mad lol.

As for Suruga as a figure, i like it and her monkey arm or bandage arm was a nice touch and i just think that she has alot compared to other Figmas since if you think about it you almost get 2 figures for the price of one since you get a “shadow” face and a whole new arm with that rain coat. So it’s almost like a new figure with her. There will be one more and maybe the last Figma to come out from the Bakemonogatai line that’s due this December. I hope to pick it up as well since i’ve come this far from this line. But also it seems that from my past posts, i get talk about the panda car and i think i’ll be keeping that with this Figma line. Enjoy!


Interview with the Dead.

Here we have another Black Rock Shooter (BRS) Figma, Dead Master. With a large bone looking scythe and 2 floating skulls, this Figma does prove to be very nice and very unique. From the BRS Figma line, Dead Master is one of the harder ones to find and thus has become rare among collectors.

Like most of the Figma lines, Dead Master does show to be very possible for various battle scenes or action posses. But alike some Figmas, there is some things about this one that are annoying. The 2 skulls that she comes with have a hard time fitting into the stand that come with. I don’t want to force them in to hard since i’ve had issues of almost/have broke parts of the figures by doing that. Since her hands are very long and boney like, getting her to hold the scythe can be hard and if your also trying to be careful, you’ll have a small fight waiting for you trying to get her to hold that. This isn’t a real issue but more of me just being careful, but the wings on her back i just feel could break off easy. So if you just got Dead Master i would be very careful around her back area.

If your a BRS fan and want to get Dead Master for your collection i would advise to check out since i’ve seen her pop up there from time to time for about 4000 yen.

Digital Diva Hatsune Miku Desends!

This Figma marks the 100th Figma to be released, and for the 100th they had Miku Hatsune be the lucky number. Also with this release, there was an added bonus for a few websites. There was an added Head Phones that came in, Black, Grey, or Brown.

Now, so far every Figma to be released so far has one or two things about it that, well are quaky. And this Figma i really can’t find anything really wrong with her.

Her transparent hair is well done, the joins are very solid, and the head with the hair even straight to the sides can hold there own.

I think one of the best things about her has to be her poseability.

From a few other reviews i’ve read since it’s taken me a while to get her. Most of them said on how beautiful she is or how much they liked it without really saying why. But now that i’ve got her, i can see why who have got her can’t really express how cool this figure is in words alone.

SO, check out some of these shots i took. I do apologize for some pictures that might be bad or shooty frames. I was trying some new ways to use the LEDs on my desk and also, forgive my poor tripod skills. lol

Black Rock Shooter the Game PSP Review.

I just got BRStG yesterday and had a chance to charge my PSP and play it for a few hours to get a feel for the game. And i like it, it’s only hard since i can’t read any of the letters… After going back to my PSP after… well it’s been awhile since i last played it and for a PSP game it’s very nice looking. The battle system is easy to use even when you can’t read the menu or anything really… Game play is also smooth and very clean, plus the intro was done very well.

I’ve only put in like 2-3 hours into and got 2 of the power ups so far but i’m loving this game for what it is. America don’t look sad when it seems like i’m the only having fun with this game, NIS America as announced that Black Rock Shooter the Game will be coming to America, though that TBA. From what i know if NIS and how they work there games, if they don’t try and do a dubbing for it (i hope they don’t) we can see it out by the end of the year, but if they do try to dub it then maybe by summer maybe even by the 3rd quart of next year. (maybe just before the end of the word happends too).

I ended up getting the White Premium Box that comes with White Rock Shooter Figma as well.   And this box was BIG! I’ve got other figures with games out of japan but this one has to be the biggest one i’ve got mainly due to those wings…

But as for her, she’s very nice. Some down sides are that she’s not that poseable compared to other figmas and seems like some parts of her are loose. After talking with others who have got her as well, they all tell me similar problems that i’m having. So if you who are reading this happen to get BRStG with WRS let me know if you have the same problem about joins being lose or parts coming off easy.

This game is fun and i cant’ wait to see it in America since then i can play it again and understand it.

Index Figma Pre-review!!

So now, here we have a fun little figure that i’m glad was finally put to pre order. Index is from an anime called Toaru Majutsu no Index or also known as A Certain Magical Index. And from some of the pre released pictures i’ve seen a few months ago and that i’m glad they did do in the end, is her skirt is made of cloth. This i think is the 1st figma to have cloth to be apart of there clothing.
If you don’t know anything about this show here’s a little summery about it.
Plot Summary: Kamijou Touma is a student living in Academy City, a highly advanced place in terms of technology. Despite being gauged as a level zero esper (no powers), he possesses on his right hand the Imagine Breaker, an ability that negates any power whatsoever. Touma finds a young girl named Index who is trying to run away from Necessarius, a powerful magic organization that she is member of. Blessed with the skill of memorizing any sort of information, she holds 103,000 forbidden magical books within her head. As science and magic cross paths, Touma must face several dangers amid espers and magicians who appear at the exciting scientific town.
(Taken from
So when i get this i hope to have a nice review set up with all the other characters from the show since Index will be the last one to be relased.

Mayoi Hachikuji Figma Review

Mayoi Hachikuji also known as The Snail. 1st off, this figma is small!! I know that Mayoi is a very small character but i think she’s the smallest one that i have.

But anywho, this is the 3rd figma to come out from the Bakemonogatari line. Before Mayoi there was Hitagi Senjyogahara then Koyomi Araragi. Of the 3 so far, she comes with the most equipment. One very large backpack 2 umbrellas (one opened and one closed) and a sit down position.
I was very nerves about posing her since she seems to small, but she shows to be very poseable and was able to get some very entertain pictures.
I think that this figma could have bee done better but after getting the 3rd figure in this line i can see how they’re making them able to go with each other for dynamic poses and maybe even more. But so far i’ve have fun trying some new things when doing this review and this is why.

BLK Limited Edition (figma BRSB Included)

Okay so i’m a fan of art, and i’m not just talking about gallery art. But illustration art, here’s just an example of what i mean that i just found.


Now, this version of this publishing comes with a figma from Black Rock Shooter. If your not familiar with BRS, its a anime short that is now a game on the PSP. But this ver seems to be a off shoot of BRS but don’t know all the details about this ver.
It seems to be a nice figure and has this, Kingdom Heart feel to it with the blue crown on her head, and i’m still torn on if i like it or not.





Either way i have preordered this and if you feel like you want one to (if i doesn’t sell out) you can try here.


This is not the only one places you can preorder this, but there are more. If you like to know more just say so and i can post more links. Well enjoy~

Oh yes, all images are from Hobby Search and holds all rights to these images. I just used them for this review.