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Melty Blood Actress Again Current Code PC

The latest version of Melty Blood came out on December 31st 2011 bundled with the 3rd season to Carnival Phantasm. But sadly i couldn’t get my hands on a copy, thanks to the internet i was able to get a downloaded version 2 days before it came out and been playing it for awhile now. And as of right now i’m still trying to get a hard copy of this game so i can add it to my collection, but anyways the review!

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Black Rock Shooter the Game Figma

It’s been one hell of a year and on the last day i got Black Rock Shooter the Game Figma. Of all the Figmas i’ve got over the past year this one i wasn’t expecting to be all that great from all the pictures and ads i’ve seen since she was announced and released but after i got her she turned out to be a great buy.

From the original BRS to BRStG version they in my opinion made her more proportioned, looks better and doesn’t have as much shiny clothing like her hands and coat. The wings on her back do get in the way and isn’t as movable as i would hope for but does come off very easy so if they do get in the way just remove them, plus the smaller wings also move as well. This version on BRS is a bit taller as well and well has a very big belt buckle, I don’t know why this caught my attention  but i felt i should mention this. Some of her draw backs would be the front hair piece and face. Normally when you take off the front hair piece the face doesn’t come off but with her the face sits loose on the face base but as long as the front hair piece is on that doesn’t really matter, it’s more of a observation than a real flaw. The hands are very tight as well, so if you got her you know what i mean. When you place the new hands in the arm sockets they feel like if you try move or remove them, it’s almost like your going to break the hand off it’s peg. (I do recommend being careful with them.)

Over all this version on BRS i like better and i hope to use her in future projects, at least until the end of the month were there will be another version of BRS coming out with the Art Book “BLK”. I hope you come back when it comes out and read on what i find out about the new version and this neat art book! Oh yes i must mention that i noticed i have way to many black things on my desk and a lot of the pictures kinda of blended in, so i’m sorry about the shots, i’m hoping to set up a real place to take pictures in the future.

Battle for the Holy Grail on PSP

Have you ever wondered what would happen if you combined,  the Fate/Stay Night series, a JRPG, and Rock Paper Scissors?? You get Fate Extra.

I’ve had about a week to play this and i was going to write about this after i put more time into it but i really think that i need to write about it before i have my 1st real battle.  BUT 1st the plot!

PLOT; Waking up in a strange virtual world with no recollection of the past, the main character is forced in fight for survival in a war they do not understand for a prize beyond value; the opportunity to have one’s wish granted. With only an enigmatic “Servant” by there side, the protagonist will have to face both friends and foes in battles to the death in order to not only gain possession of the mysterious object known as the “Holy Grail”. But also to fine the answer to the most important question of all; “Who i’m I?”

 So a quick run down of the game since i don’t want to give to much away. Rock, Paper, Scissors; the basic battle system goes as such. But don’t think that it’s easy, you have Attack, Defend and Break. Break “breaks” Defend, Attack “breaks” Break, Defend “breaks” Attacks. You get 6 commands to enter before the round starts and you have to choose what you think will be the best strategy, when you land 3 hits you get an “extra attack”.

When you start the game i got this Persona feel to it since you have so many days to complete some tasks or objectives. But unlike the how the Fate/Stay Night went, there isn’t just 7 Masters but there are alot. And it goes into a Tournament style set up where you get 6 days to get info about your opponent and find there weakness. If you find out enough about them it makes it easier to read there moves.

Nifty things about this game is that there are multiple ways to play, endings, and story lines. So if you did something wrong, wanted to not use skills when you should have or just didn’t want the Servant that you picked. You can choose different ways to play and the replay value is very, very, very good.

If your a Fate/Stay Night fan, JRPG, or just Type Moon in general, pick this up. It might be hard to find since it kinda limited release but well worth it if you can find it. You can get it off the PSN and Download it to your PSP if you can’t find a copy in stores, but you miss out on the cool things you can get with the Limited Edition. Art Book, Soundtrack and a very shiny box!! But do check this out, a very clean looking game, fun game play and it’s a Type Moon game!

Dead Island Xbox 360 Review


So Dead Island on the Xbox 360, if you’ve been reading up on this then i’m sure you’ll hear mixed reviews about how the main characters have no personality, or how the weapons break easy or even how hard it can be to control your player. But have you ever had 4 player co-op and in a car just running over zombies?!

This game plays like Borderlands, and i don’t mean just cuz it’s a FPSRPG, but more how the leveling system works. Each “class” has there own strength like weapons expert, or blunt expert etc. When you level (every 2 it seems) you’ll get a point to place into your Skills list. Like Borderlands you have to fill up each skill before you can advance to the next stage.  The combat system is kinda funky, like Left 4 Dead you have a “Stamina” gauge and if you swing you weapon to much you will get slower, but you have a Kick button kinda like the Shove in L4D but that’s where these 2 are very different. L4D you get tired pushing zombies, but don’t when swing a melee weapon around. DI you can just use your Kick as much as you want but get tired swing a weapon. And theres the zombies, they remind of the 28 days later zombies, i mean unlike all the other zombies from past games most will charge and hit you. These charge you and beat the living hell out of you!

Anywho, i’ve had 2 days playing this and i figure it’s time to let everyone know what i like and dislike about this.


It’s challenging. I could be just trying to get to one place and pass by a few dead bodies, but next thing i know i’m in a swarm of zombies. Never think all bodies are really dead.

It’s a true First Person game. Everything you do is in your point of view. When driving the cars in the game your behind the steering wheel. So if you ever high center yourself and find there’s zombies around you, you might not know where they all are before getting out.

Roaming. You can basically go anywhere in the game that it’ll let you. I’ve only explored 15% of the game so far so i don’t know how far you can go but from where i’ve been, as long as the zombies aren’t to much higher level than you. You can go just about anywhere on the island.

Co-op. Being able to have up to 4 other players or friends is very nice. There are some missions or places in the game that is just hard to do on your own, but when you get 2-4 more players the game gets even better.

It’s kinda scary. Okay i’m sure most of you will laugh at this but oh just you wait. When you have just killed a lot of zombies in an area and see your clear and start to look for what you need, then out of no where your grabbed by a zombie tell me you wouldn’t jump. Not to mention they did a good job with the lighting so in dark places you my never know what there. Flash light is your friend… I’ll leave it at that.



The characters. It seems that rock star would have played a part in making of them. All but one seems to be some pissed off person with a sad past and needs a hug. The only one who i could even stand enough to play was the Asian women, mainly because she didn’t have to swear or cuss at something every 5 seconds. Beside the shooty voicing and over done one liners, the rest can be tolerated.

Controls. It’s not how the controls are, but how you can’t really customize them outside what’s givin to you. Here’s what i mean, i’m playing mainly a melee character and i would love to have my kick as my Left Trigger. But i can’t set it there and that’s my “Aim/Throw”. So i end up throwing my weapon at the zombie.

Everyone who you help. Like most zombie movies everyone who isn’t part of the main cast or what not are… Well lack of a better word, morons. When you take a mission from them, it seems like they are just not able to even wipe there own butts let alone give you a list of what you need.


So far this game over all is fun. The dislikes are more on the if i don’t pay attention to them, they don’t bother me. So if you are on the fence about getting this game, i would say rent it first if you can to see if it’s your cup of tea. I can see how some might not like it since it can get tough to play or how most of the characters might wanna make you /facepalm. But this is worth to try by either renting or getting a friend to lend you there’s. I say give it 2-3 hours to see if you really like it or not.

1st Post!

Ladies and Gentlemen!

I’m Deedo, i’ll be posting on Ktdata’s blog site reviewing Anime, Anime Movies and Video Games. If there’s any suggestions on things i can do to improve in my reviews please let me know. I’m kinda new at this so anything will help me.

Well for now I’m going to tell about an idea i wanna do. I’m sure most of you have heard about a kid who traded from a used croquet set to a Sports car.

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So what i’m going to be trying here isn’t really anything this big, but i was going to put up one of my figures and see how far i can get. So for now i’ll leave with this, and if anyone has interest or questions in this trade, just ask. And here’s a picture of what i’m going to be trading.
Figure Trade

Thank you everyone!

Cowboys & Aliens Blasts Into The Old West

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When I first heard about Cowboys & Aliens I thought it was a ridiculous idea. Had the writers run out of things to write about? I’m not sure if I could come with another ridiculous idea other than Cowboys & Aliens. After seeing the movie though, I was totally shocked at how good it was.

The story follows Jake Lonergan (Daniel Craig) waking up in the middle of the desert and not remembering anything. The only thing he has on him is an odd iron bracelet and a picture of a lady in the dirt next to him. Now we follow Jake’s quest to find out what in the world is going on. You didn’t really expect me to tell you the whole story right? That’s the point of watching a movie!

The one thing I will tell you about this movie is that it is (Read more…)

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Crazy, stupid, love. Three words that are commonly associated with romantic comedies. Crazy. Stupid. Love. does not fail to deliver these three words. The story follows Cal (Steve Carell) who finds out his wife, Emily (Julianne Moore), cheated on him and she wants a divorce. Cal who is still in love with Emily complies but can’t get over the fact that she cheated on him. In comes Jacob (Ryan Gosling) to try and help Cal get out of his rut.

The title Crazy. Stupid. Love. not only describes what to expect it the movie, it also describes how the movie is organized. The movie starts out crazy, then gets stupid and finally ends in love (it’s a romantic comedy after all! So trust me and don’t expect it to end like Hamlet). (Read more…)

Here we go with another romantic comedy, this time with former pop star Justin Timberlake and That 70s Show actress Mila Kunis. The story follows Dylan (Timberlake) being recruited to New York by headhunter Jamie (Kunis) to work at GQ magazine. Both of them have recently had breakups and now consider themselves emotionally unavailable. Being the new guy in town Dylan doesn’t have many friends and ends up hanging out with Jamie very often. Eventually one day a conversation turns into a discussion of sex and the complications arise from this agreement.

The strongest point of this movie is the chemistry between Timberlake and Kunis. Both characters were able to work off each other very well. Throughout the movie the characters are very likeable and not very over the top. The only negative comment I have to say is that Justin Timberlake is now getting typecast into a geek. (Read more…)

Crosstown is an indie XboX live game that you can get for 80 Microsoft points. This game really takes it back to the old school days where graphics were simple and for a game to shine it required good game mechanics. It is based on an old Commodore 64 game called Crossroads. It takes it down to even starting off the game showing the player inserting a disk and turning the machine on.

The game play is really simple, you navigate the maze to collect glowing orbs called qreds. When you collect 4 the level ends. Sounds simple enough right? (Read more…)