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What even happened this last episode? I don’t even know. Something about travel agents, Rachel is freshly awoken from her pre-podcast nap, Jeff doesn’t know the difference between food restaurants, and THE INDIES HAVE RETURNED. Join us by playing Costume Quest 2 with us this upcoming week. Question of the week is “Where does the Jungle Book take place?” yeah, help us out. We all go over our adventures at FanX as well, so all of this and more, on this episode of LittleBigKast.

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FAREWELL 2014. Hello to a whole new year or gaming, and rad experiences. On this week’s episode of LBK, Drew finally starts raiding in Destiny, Jeff talks about black Christmas, Rachie finally plays a game on her PS4, and Robin is just a nerd, I guess. Somehow lost Drew for a short period of time, BUT THAT DIDN’T STOP US, NOT EVEN LIZARDS WILL STOP US! All of this and more nonsense as per usual on this episode of the LittleBigKast!

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Itching for some gaming news without a fun video to see our sweet smiling faces? Well, you have reached the right place! Join Jeff, Robin, and Rachel on another journey to the LittleBigKast. While Drew misses this week to prepare for a sweet vacation, the others talk about…. You guessed it, Destiny! And some other things like professors grading, and students not grading. The new releases weren’t really… worth a lot unless you like good old fashion Tetris on a Nexgen console, and some of our news includes XBOX finally making it number one in console sales for the month of November (finally). All of this and so much more on this episode of the LittleBigKast. Welcome everybody.

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In this ginger-free episode, Drew does the entire show with out moving his lips, Rachel explores her trust issues & memory cards, and Robin survives the La Quinta!
Jeff is off taking care of the family, while we take care of business. News covers all things regarding the 20th anniversary of the PS1 and all things leading up to Playstation Experience this weekend in Vegas.
We, of course, talk about all the new releases and we spend sometime exploring our feelings. Specifically we get into the discussion of Physical media vs. Digital download, which is better? and why?
It’s a stellar show with the B-team!

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LittleBigKast – Episode 33: Crotch Fire

In the latest installment of The LittleBigKast, Drew, Jeff, and Rachel, who looks a lot like KT, probably talk about something related to Destiny if Jeff is involved. Rachel most likely professes her undying love for Borderlands (as she should) and Drew puts the “Pro” in “Procrastination” with his grading responsibilities. The always-illuminating Robin is nowhere to be found as she was stuck in a La Quinta during the filming.

Oh, and there’s something to do with Crotch Fire, which sounds like the theme from the Cross Fire game commercial “Cross Fire (You’ll get caught up in the) Cross Fire, CROSS FIIIIIIRRRRRRRE!” If you don’t know this theme…that’s alright, we can help you.

In this episode of the LittleBigKast Drew and Robin shirk their professorial duties, Rachel takes up hibernation and nearly misses the show, and Jeff keeps his intro to under 8 minutes for the first time ever! For the news we discuss Playstation’s huge 20th year anniversary. We reminisce a bit about our first Playstation experiences, we hypothesize about the effect of Playstation Vue and the cable cutter culture. And finally we spend quite a bit of time wondering what the hell happened to Ubisoft. #microtransactions

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LittleBigKast – Episode 30: Share It All

What’s up every body? Welcome to another late night episode of the LittleBigKast. Drew spends his whole weekend being a successful professor, and helping with a 72 Hour Film Festival, and yes it is about hobos. Jeff talks about his travels to Chicago, and how delicious a pizza pie is. Jeff also talks about some television shows that are consuming his time. And Rachel…. well…. her Warlock is still a level 15, how sad.

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All together now! So many great things happen on this episode. Jeff and Rachel still hope for Drew to get a Playstation 4, and with each passing day, he is getting closer… But, what will he have to do to earn it? Rachel explains to the guys what hashtag: PSL is. As for Jeff, well, he just wants other level 27’s to join him on his Destiny journey. Also joining us is the infamous Glenn with his very own Gaems, read about the machine here.

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LittleBigKast – Episode 27: Tired and Wired

Reunited, and it feels so good. Remember when we always sat around this table and physically communicated to each other? I do, and it feels good to be back. On this episode Rachel goes on another tattoo rant, Jeff complains about VLOOKUP, and spreadsheets (who wouldn’t). We also discuss the OFFICIAL animal of Scotland.  Master Drew also prevents Rachel from spending her life in prison. We also finally go over up to episode 3 of The Wolf Among Us.  Join us for this episode of LBK!

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Hey everybody! Episode 26 is another shorty, but goody. Jeff explains how to play Destiny while traveling half away across the country. #BecauseDestiny Also, on this ‘sode, Rachel gave in and buys herself the pretty Glacier White PS4, and it is only mere days before Drew gives in, to buy his own PS4. Oh, and Rachel may be naked on this episode.

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