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Fire Sisters Part 1


From the Agaragi family comes Karen, the eldest of the Fire Sisters now in Figma form. For a while now I’ve been getting into the Bakemonogatari series mainly since it’s by the same art style as Soul Taker and from this show comes the second season Nisemonogatari. (Read more…)

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Link, hero to save the Princess Zelda now in figma form. By now i’m sure that song is popped up in your head as you read this but if not then proceed to the bottom of the page for the “link” to this song. (heh heh heh) I’m not a big fan of the Legend of Zelda games but i grew up on it and like most of you thought that Link was named Zelda till one of your friends told you other wise.

I like to point out that if you’ve been looking at this figure and not to sure if you like the way he looks then good news! (Read more…)


Okay so it’s not the Persona 4 Area version but it might as well be. In tradition with collecting the Persona Figma line i finally get a hold of Yukiko Amagi and to be honest she wasn’t one of my favorite characters in the games or anime but none the less i had to get her Figma version. (Read more…)

BRS – Black Rock Shooter Animation Figma

With a growing popularity Black?Rock Shooter (BRS) has been seen as a few different Figmas in the past and with the release of Black?Rock Shooter The Animation, yet another BRS makes it’s way to the Figma line but this one is a bit different.  1st off the jacket, if you didn’t know better you would think it’s made out of rubber since it’s flexible, also the tail coats have independent joins to them allowing for posing or dynamic action stances. (Read more…)

Kicking through the Shadows

In honor of my love for Persona here comes Satonaka Chie in Figma form. Max Factory did a really good job bring out the Kung-Fu loving Chie as a action figure with 3 different glasses, 2 extra faces (one being her shadow face) an extra hair piece and a kicking action piece your left with a lot of fun poses and or Kung-Fu action! Well okay that last part was kinda bad but if you love old Kung-Fu movies then this will hit close to home. (Read more…)

One comes, Ssssslinding in.

To update my Bakemonogatari figma collection comes Nadeko Sengoku. So far of all the figmas to have come out Nadeko comes with some of the best accessories like 2 jackets and a hat that can fit on other figmas but one of the best features about Nadeko is her appearance. You can pose Nadeko in a good various of ways and still look very cute, there are only a few figmas that has ever pulled this off. Apart of her accessories comes some straight arms and 2 locked hands for even more poses that you play with. (Read more…)

Noble Phantasm!

In anime there is a genre that everyone has come across or at least has been introduced to at some point, and that’s called “Magical Girls” But sometimes there comes some shows that takes this genre and runs with it, Carnival Phantasm does this but in more ways than one. (Read more…)

Rain Coat Monkey Suruga Kanbaru Figma!

Here we have the 4th Figma in the Bakemonogatari line. And of all 4 of them i think this one shows the best show case. One of the better features i found on Suruga is that she comes with her basketball so this can go well with very sporty shots, and  a cloth rain coat and this does have some good and bad features as well.

The Good!

It can go on just about any Figmas with very little to no problems. And it looks good too, so i’m hoping Max Factory will make more Figmas with cloth as part of the figure.

The Bad!

It’s all one piece. I thought that the rain coat might open up with velcro, but i was wrong. So as i’m getting ready to put it on i almost ripped the seams thinking it was velcro. Boy would i have been mad lol.

As for Suruga as a figure, i like it and her monkey arm or bandage arm was a nice touch and i just think that she has alot compared to other Figmas since if you think about it you almost get 2 figures for the price of one since you get a “shadow” face and a whole new arm with that rain coat. So it’s almost like a new figure with her. There will be one more and maybe the last Figma to come out from the Bakemonogatai line that’s due this December. I hope to pick it up as well since i’ve come this far from this line. But also it seems that from my past posts, i get talk about the panda car and i think i’ll be keeping that with this Figma line. Enjoy!


Interview with the Dead.

Here we have another Black Rock Shooter (BRS) Figma, Dead Master. With a large bone looking scythe and 2 floating skulls, this Figma does prove to be very nice and very unique. From the BRS Figma line, Dead Master is one of the harder ones to find and thus has become rare among collectors.

Like most of the Figma lines, Dead Master does show to be very possible for various battle scenes or action posses. But alike some Figmas, there is some things about this one that are annoying. The 2 skulls that she comes with have a hard time fitting into the stand that come with. I don’t want to force them in to hard since i’ve had issues of almost/have broke parts of the figures by doing that. Since her hands are very long and boney like, getting her to hold the scythe can be hard and if your also trying to be careful, you’ll have a small fight waiting for you trying to get her to hold that. This isn’t a real issue but more of me just being careful, but the wings on her back i just feel could break off easy. So if you just got Dead Master i would be very careful around her back area.

If your a BRS fan and want to get Dead Master for your collection i would advise to check out since i’ve seen her pop up there from time to time for about 4000 yen.

Drunken Oni, Suika Ibuki Stumbles In!!

For those who know about the Touhou series would know about Suika Ibuki as the little drunken Oni always wanting to party. Now this time she’s out from Figma. As you might expect from her she’s very small and for a figure it shows. She comes with a mini Suika jumping in joy. Along with her sake gourd and sake bowl, she can be posed in a drunken kung fu ways if you like. But she’s still something if your a Touhou fan would like to have in your collection.

When i got her there are a few thing i’ve noticed on her. The ball join from her waist to body popped out on mine and had to use nail polish to keep it in there. It’s fine now but still kinda annoying. Her ribbon, and horns seems to also be lose as well but easy fix with super glue since there isn’t any parts to swap with. Since she’s so small the base she comes with is to tall for her to stand on the base it’s self.

Most of these problems i’m sure isn’t like that with the whole line, but i just happen to get one. If you happen to have similar problems with Suika, let me know. Anywho it’s picture time!